In a previous article on the blog, I talked about what the godparents should do at the baptism ? However, the duties and responsibilities of the priests do not end here. And after baptism, there are some things that godparents must know. Here are what they are.

Responsibilities of parents after baptism

After the baptism service, parents and godparents will come home with the child. According to tradition, the godmother will pass the baby over the threshold and give it to the mother saying the following phrase:

" Pagan you gave it to me, Christian I brought it to you. "

Another tradition is for godparents to give their son or daughter a special baptism gift . Often, a godmother can buy earrings for a girl, and a gold or silver chain for a boy.

But, in reality, the gifts can be very different: valuable coin, photo frame , mold kit, therapeutic toys , box for the first thread, silver bracelets , etc.

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What do the godparents do at the bar after the baptism?

Perhaps the most important moment after baptism is the homecoming. It takes place the next day or even on the day of the baptism, as soon as the baby is brought home. This tradition is widespread and there are many customs depending on the area.

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For example, in certain regions it is customary for godparents to bring basil sprigs, rose petals, new clothes, towel, shampoo and soap, diaper, blanket for the baby shower after baptism. They will be used from the baptism - the myrrh, the baptism sash and the baptism candle, which the godparents have already given to the child in the baptism kit.

The nanny will bathe the child, after which she will anoint him with the myrrh from the church and dress him in new clothes. The water in which the child was bathed will be thrown at the flowers or at the root of a tree. In certain regions, throwing water makes her a baptismal midwife.

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Cutting the motto or breaking the cake

These events take place 1 year after baptism. Boys have their hair cut, and girls have their bread broken. Again, the godparents will prepare several gifts, including the items that will be placed on the tray from which the baby will choose.

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The role of the nanny and their responsibility does not end here. When you choose to be godfather or godmother to a child, you must understand that you are taking on a great responsibility - you will be the spiritual parent of that child, for the rest of your life. It is good for godparents to keep in touch with their children, to visit and talk often. Sometimes, godparents end up even becoming wedding godparents for children who grow up and reach the point where they want to get married.