Your wedding or that of your loved ones is a reason for celebration, an occasion to wear new clothes. We know that it will be difficult for you to decide on the dress you will wear, but how can your little girl dress if she were a bridesmaid? Hard answer, right?

In the following, we will present some ideas and tips for your little girl to shine in the appropriate outfit as a bridesmaid. Don't be afraid, we have solutions both for girls up to 12 years old, but also for the smallest bridesmaids, babies.

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We start with choosing the outfit for the smallest princesses, respectively for 0-3 months. Before looking for an outfit for your baby, it is good to be aware of some aspects of the party where your little girl will have an important role, that of bridesmaid.

Choose an elegant dress according to the season

A first step to start looking for the outfit is to find out the dress code of the party (if there is one, of course), but also the season in which the event will take place. Like any parent, you wouldn't want your child to feel cold, wind, rain, because we all know, the weather can influence not only the state of health, but also the general disposition or "mood", as we like it the nine adults let's say.

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In our store you will also find dresses with long sleeves , if the event will take place in a colder season. The models presented on our website ensure a varied range of tastes, from simple, plain dresses to dresses inspired by designs with ponies or princesses.

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Choose the outfit of the little bridesmaid according to the location

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Another important aspect that we know you will take into account is the one regarding the location where the party will take place. Why only the party and not the religious ceremony? Because at the religious wedding, many parents opt for a classic outfit, usually in one color, the outfit to which is added a bolero or a cap that protects the baby from the cold air in the church.

Let's assume that the wedding will take place in the summer, in an outdoor location, with a gorgeous garden, full of flowers and trees that grow stronger and stronger. We propose a casual outfit, in which the baby will feel comfortable, but in which it will look like a true bridesmaid. You can opt for a neutral color or for a dress in bright colors, similar to the multicolored flowers in the wonderful garden that will host you.

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If the location of the wedding will be in a closed restaurant, we suggest a dress in one color. If you don't want her to be dressed in white, as the bride will be, you can choose a beige, ivory dress. Your princess will certainly attract attention dressed in a beige dress, but accessorized with good taste.

Also in our store you will find dresses for girls between the ages of 2 and 12, because even the oldest ladies can shine at an event. Here you will find our proposals for dresses that can be worn by your little one, as a bridesmaid.

Also, here you can take into account the models presented for babies, but also the details regarding the location.

Our accessories (for example the ones here ) can complete the outfit, giving it an extra color or a special elegance. And for babies you will find age-appropriate accessories.

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Shoes and handbags for little bridesmaids

We did not forget the elegant shoes, without which the outfit would not be complete. We come to your aid with a selection of shoes for babies , but also for older girls.

Just as no woman leaves without a bag, we don't neglect the little ladies either, putting at your disposal handbag models that will complete the outfit.

With little, with big, you will definitely shine at the party where your little girl will be the maid of honor.