What is Baptism?

The sacrament of Baptism is one of the most important customs in the Orthodox religion. As a rule, it takes place after birth up to 40 days of the baby. Through Baptism, people are purified, thus freeing themselves from ancestral sin and entering the Christian community, this being the first of the Seven Mysteries of the Holy Trinity.

This is the main reason why the candle cannot be missing from the baptism of the little one. The godparents are the ones who carry the baptismal candles, thus making the commitment to be spiritual parents for the little one throughout life.

baptism candle

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What do we need at the Church to perform the Baptism Service at the Church?

For the day of Baptism and the service at the Church, the little ones need a " Trusou ", and it contains:
- the Baptism candle
- towel and apron for the bathroom
- mug for holy water and box to keep hairs
- outfit of new clothes, to dress the child after bathing
- ribbon and basil.
- cup of wine

The kit is usually bought by the godmother, who consults with the mother of the little one, in order to choose everything to her liking and according to the theme of the party.

What is the significance of the Baptism candle?

candle for baptism

The baptismal candle is the symbol of eternal light, being indispensable at the Baptismal Service. This is usually white, as a symbol of the child's purity, but this aspect can differ depending on the areas of the country and the preferences of the parents and godparents of the baptized person. The candle must be kept burning for the entire duration of the baptism.

How can we customize the baptism candle?

Nowadays, the candle can also be used simple, white, but most people choose to customize it according to their preferences and the theme of the baptism party.
These can be bought on different specialized websites, together with the chosen kit, but they can also be made at home, decorating them together with the mother and godmother according to their preferences with: various characters from cartoons, with traditional motifs, tulles of different colors depending on the gender of the child, flowers and toys.

Darker colors such as blue, gray, green or brown are usually chosen for boys, and pink, red, yellow or orange for girls.

What is done with the candle after the service?

baptism candle

As a rule, there are 2 candles at the Baptism, and in some parts of the country, one candle remains at the Church, and the other at the parents of the baby.

The christening candle can be lit at various moments in the baby's life, such as: at the next day's crib, on days when the child is more agitated and restless or even sick, at the cutting of the motto, after Easter in Bright Week, at the party on 1 year or when he grows up and gets married. It can also be kept just as a simple memory.

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How are the baptismal candles kept after the child's christening?

The candle is also kept after the end of the service, in the house where the baptized person lives. It is recommended to be kept in a cool and dry place, in a box next to a bouquet of holy basil, all wrapped in white cotton cloth.

themed baptism candle

Superstitions related to baptismal candles

In some areas of the country, the lower end of the candle is cut off and offered to the godmother to hold to the icons. It can be used to enchant the eyes, and it is said that in the other world, where it is dark, the gods see the light and guide them to the Kingdom of God.

In the case of girls who reach adulthood and it's time to get married, it is good to put basil on the candle and light it on big holidays, such as Easter or Christmas. Thus they can pray for their health, for their family, to find a good and loving husband, and then for their children.