Who are godparents?

In the Romanian tradition, godfathers have a very important value. Besides all the traditions and rituals that they have to carry out during the wedding or baptism, the most important role of baptismal priests is the one they assume for the whole life of the child - that of spiritual parent.

With the acceptance of the status of baptismal nose, the future godmother and the future nose assume the responsibility of being the guide and adviser of the child, throughout his life.

This is not just a commitment made for the baptism ritual, but one that lasts a lifetime, the godparents will actively participate in the development of the child, together with the parents.

What should godparents do before and after baptism?

baptism dress

To buy the kit , the clothes for the baby, the christening candle and gifts for the little one.

This would be one of the topics that cause a great stir among close relatives, especially among the elderly, who care about ancestral traditions and customs. What you must know from the beginning, as a godmother or as a mother, is the fact that you will never be able to please everyone.

So, if you choose to fulfill some of these habits, choose the ones that would let you enjoy this moment and the ones that will cause the baby the least discomfort. Take into account the fact that it is the first event of such proportions that the baby participates in, and the commotion and the sea of ​​people that will surround him could overwhelm the little one.

So, if you want a traditional baptism, try to choose the customs that allow you to focus on what is most important - the birth of the little one and the meaning of the baptism itself, that of washing away the ancestral sin.

Customs related to godparents

As far as the nasi are concerned, there are some customs that people still adhere to, related to the mystery of baptism, but which may differ depending on the region of the country you belong to.

Among these customs can be mentioned the purchase of candles by the godmother, holding the baby in her arms during the baptism service by the godfather or godmother depending on the gender of the child (if it is a girl, it is held by the godmother, and if it is a boy, by nas), the purchase of a piece of white cloth by the nasi, which will be used during baptism by the priest and which symbolizes the purification, the erasure of sins through the sacrament of baptism.

All these customs, however, can be different from one area to another or even from one church to another. To get to know them exactly, you can contact the local priest ahead of time, who will certainly provide you with information about how the baptism itself will take place and about the traditions that are practiced in the area where you live.

baptismal chest

If you are now reading this article, you are certainly concerned about how the event will unfold, which is normal. Considering that the role of godparents is one with an important meaning, it is normal for them to be concerned with all the organizational details, wanting this event to turn out perfectly for the newly born little one.

However, being spiritual parents from the moment of the sacrament of baptism, the godparents must first of all ensure that they represent and will represent throughout life a support of hope for the child and for the new parents, regardless of what they choose to do respect or not among the customs of the place.

traditional candle

If you are going to be the christening nose , emphasize on offering the help and support that the parents need at this important moment, because the well-being of your new baby will also depend on them!

Help them with what you can and let things proceed as naturally as possible, although this event is one of great proportions, let it happen and enjoy it above all!