Baptism - the first festive chapter in a child's life story

Baptism is a truly special event both in the life of the parents and in the life of the little ones. This ceremony abounds with emotions, hope and gratitude, and in addition to its spiritual significance and the emotions of the parents and those close to them, there are also the emotions of organizing the event itself.

From the establishment of the premises and the church, to the clothing of the child and the parents, everything is organized in the smallest detail. The event itself is an unforgettable one, so the child's outfit for baptism must be appropriate.

On AnneBebe we are waiting for you with a multitude of christening outfits , but also articles and accessories with the help of which your event will be marked by elegant, sophisticated details, but also with childish touches.

In the following, we will present you with a short list of the most important baptism items that you should consider for the organization of the baptism, if you want it to be a fairy tale, from which there will be no shortage of joy, gorgeous decor, extremely sweet clothes .

The baptism kit

The baptism kit is an extremely important element because it represents the essential set for the baptism. It should include essential items such as: baby towel, baptism candle , myrrh bottle and other such accessories.

If you are going to organize the baptism for a little girl , then we propose this set of three items (dress, trousseau and candle). We all know that baby items are adorable and show cuteness, and this set perfectly complements the idea of ​​a little princess for your little girl. The set is made with love and care from carefully chosen fabrics and items that perfectly compliment the girl's outfit.

The set consists of a lace dress, a candle and a kit, and the kit contains: a towel, a bride cloth, a bride veil, a towel for the priest, a bottle for the groom and a bar of soap.


If you are organizing the baptism for a boy, we propose the Apolo baptism set for boys. This set contains a carefully chosen costume and a suit that can be customized. The little angel will look adorable in this costume made with special attention to details and seams.

The costume consists of: pants, body type shirt, vest, jacket, cap and bow tie, and the kit contains a baby towel, groom's cloth, groom's veil, priest's towel, groom's bottle and soap.

On our website you will find an impressive selection of christening kits and sets carefully thought out for this special event.

Baptism articles

The chest for baptism is another item that should not be missing from the list because it is very useful for transporting all the accessories needed for baptism. You can add the towel, the bottle of myrrh, the myrrh cloth and other such accessories to the chest, and after the event you can turn it into the chest of memories and you can add pictures, the first bodysuit, your favorite toy or any other memories you want to keep.

These chests are pre-ordered and can be customized according to your preferences.

We are waiting for you on the site with models of chests made with love for both boys and girls .

Cross type testimonies

In many cultures, and even in our case, there is a tradition of giving testimonies at the event. Considering that baptism is the first event in your little one's life, its importance is very special. Testimonials are small gifts for guests as a sign of thanks for participating in one of the most important events in your life. You can find on the website a multitude of crucifix models perfect for baptism.

We know how important the baptism of the little angel is and how this event is extremely emotional for the whole family, which is why we want to help organize this event with the most beautiful items so that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and the baby looks like a real angel.