In a previous article , we saw outfit ideas, but also tips for your little princess to be a real bridesmaid. In this article, we will present you with suggestions that you can implement when your boy will be in the position of knight of honor.

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Take into account a few aspects

To be sure that you will choose an appropriate outfit for the wedding where your son will be the knight of honor, it is good to take some things into account.

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The location of the event

It is very important to know where the party will take place when you are looking for an outfit for your boy. An outdoor wedding, in a cheerful setting, represents a real challenge not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests. But for the parents of the little knights of honor? We bet on the fact that it will give you at least a little thought.

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Look at the positive aspects of the location

An alley with huge pots of exotic flowers, a multitude of multicolored flower petals, all framed in a white decoration, which at first sight will make you wonder if you have chosen the right outfit for the knight of honor. Take a look at the whole and we assure you that it will not be so demanding and why not, exhausting, to choose what your little boy will wear.

The child will not be just a simple guest at the event, on the contrary, he will have an important role, along with the godparents . Maybe you will be the godparents, and then you will have even greater emotions.

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What do I dress my boy with?

Well, if for girls you need more accessories, for a boy's outfit you will have a slightly easier job. You probably tell yourself that it won't be that easy, but we are here for you, for you. Here you will find our selection for ages up to 2 years, and here you will find outfits for boys up to 12 years.

How do we dress the dwarf at the restaurant?

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If the wedding will take place in an elegant location, the shirts on our website satisfy a wide range of preferences. A plain shirt can be complemented by a pair of trousers in a similar shade.

With accessories or without?

Here we also take into account the location, but also the personality of the little one. If it is a type that prefers a casual style, you will probably stick to clothes only, without any accessories. For the most "fashionable", there are options for accessories. With a tie or a shirt with an integrated bow tie , you will create an elegant outfit.

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Loafers or shoes?

This is another question you are thinking about. Both in an elegant location, in a closed space, and in a garden, you can opt for moccasins or shoes. Don't you love the idea of ​​your child wearing elegant shoes? Moccasins are a casual alternative, but good to consider.

Also, on the website you will see other accessories, for example, suspenders that can be worn with a casual or elegant shirt. If you find them uncomfortable for the child, you can ask your child if he prefers them or not.

Listen to her preferences in terms of clothing

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If he is already at the age where he can express himself, consider what the child would like to wear. He will know what he feels comfortable with, what colors he likes, but also what accessories he wants. If you want an outfit for him, but he wants something completely different, try to find a middle way, so you won't have conflicting discussions before the event.

Casual or elegant, your boy will be a real knight of honor. It's important that you feel at ease, that's why it's good to focus on an outfit that is not only beautiful, but in which your child will feel good.