Christening clothes and kits - How do you choose them?

Often, following the choice of baptismal clothes, a situation is reached where the baby is overdressed or dressed in uncomfortable clothes. How many times have you seen little girls at baptism whose dresses have so much veil that you can barely see their hands and feet?

Due to the need to provide everything for the new born, both the mother and the godmother may be tempted to dress the baby too much or too sophisticatedly, to make sure that he does not lack anything. However, although the temptation may be great, try to take several aspects into account before choosing the clothes.

beautiful baptism dress

What you need to know is that, in addition to the way it looks, the quality and thickness of the material from which the clothes are made are also important, because it is also essential that the baby feels good. The event is only for him, right?

So, choose the clothes and the kit according to the season, but also taking into account the opinion of the parents, their lifestyle (for example, if they are conservative you can opt for a traditional kit , if they are a worldly couple they might appreciate more more of a sailor-themed kit than a Little Print one).

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So, when you choose the clothes, take into account the season in which the baptism takes place. I mean, if the baptism will take place in the middle of summer, don't buy the child clothes that are too thick just because they look good. Choose some clothes made of quality materials, which let the baby's skin breathe and which are soft to the touch, because his skin is sensitive.

If you still want your baby to have some special photos at his first important event in life, there is also the option of getting him several sets of clothes.

You can do it in such a way that he appears in the clothes you want in the pictures and make sure that after the photo session, you have more comfortable change of clothes for him.

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How do we choose the kit?

Before determining how we choose the kit, we need to know what it is. In principle, the kit is a package with things that we will need during the baptism and that somehow eases our work, because these objects will no longer have to be searched for and bought individually.

costume for baptism

The kit will have to contain the myrrh cloth, with which the baby will have to be wiped after being immersed in the water, a towel for the priest and one for the baby, a soap and a bottle for the myrrh. Occasionally, the kits can also contain other items, such as a box for the baby's first lock of hair.

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Regarding the choice of the trousseau, we must be very careful about its content, in the sense that we will need all these objects throughout the baptism. That is precisely why we have to make sure that the chosen kit is a complete one. Another imported detail is represented by the materials from which the towels and myr cloth are made.

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Myrrh cloth and towel

In addition to their appearance, we must take into account the fact that the main role of the swaddling cloth is to wrap the baby after it is immersed in the water, which is why the material must be absorbent and soft to the touch.

The same is the case with the towels, which should also be made of cotton or other absorbent material, one to be used by the priest, and the other to be used to wipe the excess water from the baby's body, which the myrrh cloth did not absorb it.

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After we have established that the kits from which we have a choice are complete and that we will not lack anything for the sacrament of baptism, ordering it will be much simpler, then we will determine which one we want, based only on criteria related to the appearance or of additional preferences.

Both in terms of clothes and kits, we will have many options to choose from, there are many models, styles and assortments. What is necessary, however, is to take into account at least some of the above aspects so that we can make the right choice.