Are you going to be a godfather, but you still don't know very well what your role will be in the baptism service? Although such an opportunity comes with many emotions and enthusiasm, in the end, many future noses realize that they do not know very well what the nose role entails. Here is what you need to know and especially what you need to do if you are going to christen a boy or a girl for the first time.

It must be emphasized from the beginning that in the baptism service, godparents have a more important role and more tasks compared to parents.

Preparation for baptism

a) Buy the baptism kit

baptism kit

First of all, you should buy everything necessary for the baptism service. It is important to do this as soon as possible and not to leave everything for the last hundred meters, because it will be more difficult for you and you may be overwhelmed by stress, and in all this commotion, you may end up buying something less appropriate

On the other hand, if you prepare ahead of time, you will be able to cover all the shopping lists and you will get beautiful things, useful for the baby and for the parents. If you treat everything calmly and organize yourself as well as possible, the nose experience will be a pleasant one, not at all stressful.

So, to prepare for baptism, you will have to buy the kit with all the necessary things. In a previous article, I wrote about everything a christening kit should include, and on our website you can find complete packages for baby girl or boy kits.

This means that you don't have to make 6 different orders to check off all the items needed for baptism, but one order. In addition, if you choose a christening kit set , all the items in this package will have a uniform design and even a specific theme, depending on your preferences. You can also opt for personalization of these items included in the baptism kit.

Personalized Baby Christening Candle for Baby Bear AnneBebe

All baptismal pieces can be placed in a decorated or personalized baptismal chest . The baptism kit includes myrrh veil, myrrh bottle, baby towel and priest towel, myrrh cloth or crucible, baptism candle , the clothes in which you will dress the little one after immersion in the baptismal water and maybe even a baptism gift ( box for the first strand, silver coins , silver objects , a photo frame , etc.).

Personalized Girls Christening Chest Minnie AnneBebe theme

b) Learn the creed

After you have bought all the necessary things for the baptism kit, make sure you learn the Creed. This is not mandatory because most priests will allow you to read the Creed directly from the Prayer Book or say it after them, but if you know it by heart, you can say it yourself. It is important to know that there is a moment in the baptism service dedicated to this.

When there is a pair of noses, if the one being baptized is a boy, the Creed will have to be said by the nose (man), but if the one being baptized is a girl, the one who will have to say the Creed will be the nose (woman) .

Another recommendation we make is to go to confession before the day of baptism and to spend more time with your little one, so that he gets used to you. Keep in mind that you will need to hold the little one for a good few minutes during the service.

What should the godparents do at the baptism?

As a priest or godmother, you have a series of duties during the baptism service, depending on the moment. In many areas of the country, it is customary for the godmother to hold baptismal crucifixes to the guests' chests. In other areas, these cruciulites are bought by parents.

Baby Baptism Certificates Crucifix Bow Tulle Pink

The godparents hold the child in their arms at the baptism

Tradition says that if the baby is a girl, it should be held by the godmother, and if it is a boy, it should be held by the godfather.

But, not all priests are very strict about this. It is certain that the person who does not hold the baby will hold the baptismal candle.

The priests pronounce the renunciations at the baptism

These prayers, called "repudiation of Satan" are special prayers for the protection of the child being baptized and for driving away evil spirits. During this moment, the godparents turn to face the sunset and say three times, in the name of the child, the following prayer:

" I renounce Satan, all his things, all his servants and all his service and all his pride. "

After that, the godparents turn to face the east and say the prayer 3 times:

" I renounced Satan. I unite myself with Christ ".

Sometimes, the priest is the one who asks: "Do you renounce Satan?", and the priest/godmother answers "I renounce Satan" (3 times) and then "Have you united with Christ?", and the priest/godfather answers " I have united with Christ" (3 times).

What do godparents do at baptism after immersion in the baptismal font?

After the godmother undresses the little one, he will be immersed in the baptismal font. Then, the nanny or nanny will receive the little one in the baby towel and will wrap him in myrrh cloth (crasma) and fasa. The baby will be wiped very well with the towel, and then it will be lightly covered for a new set of prayers.

What do the godparents do at the baptism during the mass?

At this moment, the nasa will say "Amen" when the priest points to her (at each anointing of the little one with myrrh - on the forehead, soles, hands, etc.). After that, the godmother will dress the little one in new clothes ( christening dress or baptism suit ).

The godfathers surround the table at the baptism

The next moment in the baptismal service involves going around the baptismal table, with the baby in your arms. The table will be circled 3 times, and then the newly baptized child will be received. The priest will place or offer the baby in front of the royal doors, and the priest or godmother will bow 3 times and receive or pick up the baby.

baptism kit

Parents pay the baptism fee at the church

This fee will be paid at the end of the service and is variable, depending on the church. In some areas, the godmother, in others, the mother, distributes candies or cakes to the guests.

These are all the things that the godparents must do at the baptism. We hope that all this information will be useful to you so that you can prepare properly for the christening service of a little one.