The mystery of baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism is definitely one of the most beautiful moments in a person's life. Tradition says that a child must be baptized between 8 and 40 days after birth, but nowadays this number is no longer strictly respected, but the parents choose as they see fit, together with the godparents.

Baptism is performed only by the priest and bishop, always in the Church. Only in very special cases, baptism can be performed outside the church (hospital, home). When a priest cannot be found, in cases of major urgency, baptism can be performed by any Orthodox Christian, by sprinkling with aghiasma or clean water, in the name of the Holy Trinity.

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The house of the next day

At the same time, another important tradition says that the "Baita de a doua zi" is almost as important. Thus, after the Baptism day, this tradition takes place at the baby's parents' home, together with the parents and the close family.

The godparents are the ones who buy a new outfit for the little one, and the parents prepare the necessary things for the actual house, taking into account certain customs. Therefore, it is up to the parents to provide a complete outfit, a toy, a piece of jewelry or whatever else they consider necessary.

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Parents take care of what they put in the tub: wheat, so that the little one will become an honest man, hemp seeds to grow fast, linden flowers to be loving, basil to be beautiful, sugar or honey to be sweet, rice to be rich, mint to be healthy, dill seeds to be liked by those around you, like dill in dishes, chamomile flowers to always smell good, oil from the Church and other nice smelling oils, sweet milk and salt.

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Also, a silver penny is added to the tub, and in some parts of the country a wedding ring, rose petals, and an egg are also added. During the washing, with a sprig of basil, the nasa utters a charm: On the eyes to see only beautiful and pleasant things. On the ears to hear only good and wise words.

By mouth to have a word, you would respect others. On your hands to be diligent. On your chest to be loving. On your head to be smart. On your feet so that you always bring him home.

After the godmother washes the child, it is called by name, and loved ones can kiss it. It is good that these things take place only after the next day's fight.

It is important to remember that during this bath, the Baptism candle must always be lit. Although, priests claim that this tradition is not necessarily related to Church customs.

After the baby is washed, it is dressed in new clothes, the water is thrown against a tree, and the face/towel is placed on top of a mirror to dry.
At the end, the guests sit at the table to taste the dishes prepared by the parents, and offer a glass in honor of the child.

If you are invited to such an occasion, we propose some gift ideas : clothes or shoes for the baby, earrings for the girl or a bracelet for the boy, toys suitable for babies, products for the care of the little one or various personalized objects.

The customs for this event may differ from one region to another. During it, it is important that peace and joy prevail, so that every person who has the opportunity to participate in it should feel special, being a tradition that gathers all the loved ones around the newborn baby.

Both the mother and the godmother can make this custom a personalized and organized event as they please, to be special and unique, and for their loved ones to remember fondly years and years from now.