Are you pressed for time and nothing seems to be going well?

Your baby cries without you being able to stop it. Even though you've been trying for half an hour, your phone rings non-stop. People are looking for you to ask you various details about how the baptism will proceed.

Besides all the people you have to explain, you still have other unresolved issues to do.

There are still small details to be determined. The child's clothes haven't been bought either, because you haven't made up your mind yet. Every time people ask you about things you haven't established, you feel hurt.

Although you have almost completely recovered after giving birth, you are always tired, because the baby needs all your care and attention. You are also confused by the fact that you still do not have all the things you will need at the baptism and it seems that the time pressure is becoming overwhelming.

If you still have many things to look for, the ideal would be to try to make your work easier and use your time efficiently. Anyway, you don't have much, only the little one wants milk every two hours!

the most beautiful baptism dresses

What expectations do you have from the baptism of the little one?

Do you want it to be memorable for everyone?

"What a gorgeous dress the little one had, she looked like a real princess!", "Wow, what an elegant costume the little one had. Even now, he looks great dressed to the nines!" If you also want your little girl or boy to be talked about like that, then you will have to find them some great clothes .

Since the baptism will focus on the child, the guests will pay less attention to other details, the little one being the most important! So, if you want the moment to be imprinted in the minds of your loved ones, you will only succeed by looking for some great clothes for the little one!

After you have prepared all the details related to the baby, and bought everything he needs for the sacrament of baptism, you will need to take care of the other details as well. In addition to a beautiful location for the party after going to church, you will also capture the attention of the guests through floral or balloon arrangements, but also through the candles that the godparents will hold during the baptism.


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What would be a better fit? Flowers or balloons?


If you decide to use flowers, you need to find some arrangements that make you think of a baptism, and not a wedding. The same is the case with candles for noses.

You can look for candles and arrangements that even include toys, such as teddy bears - see some extremely beautiful ideas for christening candles on our website.

Focus on the candles created especially for these events, because this occasion appears only once in a lifetime, and the beauty of these objects will impress everyone!

Give great importance to these small details, because the pictures you will take during the baptism also depend on them. Everyone will want a beautiful memory from the christening of your child , prince or princess, and the clothes, kit , candles and arrangements will make the difference between some great photos and some less successful ones.


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Where can I find as many things as possible that I need for baptism?

If you don't have time to waste, find out that at Annebebe you have sections specifically dedicated to baptism, where you can find a diverse range of very useful, but also quality products, for a successful event. You can find here many christening clothes , created with great taste, but also other items, which can even be personalized for your little one's christening!

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On the Annebebe website, the product categories are very well defined, and in the case of christening items, you even have a section for girls or boys. You will be able to find here almost everything you need for everything to turn out well. From christening gifts to gorgeous candles with arrangements , they are all at your disposal!