Babies definitely have many needs to have a life as easy and comfortable as possible - Clothes, toys, various accessories for food and let's not forget: beds, blankets and baby carriers.

Why do we need blankets, blankets and baby carriers?

Well, let's start with the beds. These are either for wrapping the baby or for bedding in the cot, shell, pram or pram,

We use the blankets to put them under the baby when we change him or to protect him from being directly on various surfaces. They are used especially for babies born prematurely, to cover them, but also for newborns. Also, some can be specially adapted to the stroller or cot.

The baby carrier is also very helpful. This is usually provided with a zipper or an envelope type, so it is easier when we want to go out with the little one outdoors. We can put it inside dressed appropriately for the outside temperature.

What types of blankets, blankets or baby carriers are there?

Blankets can be of several models and materials:

  • Model made of cotton, like this unisex one. A very soft blanket, in which to wrap the child in his bed, to make him feel warm and protected.

  • Organic cotton beds , recommended even for the most sensitive skin, with dimensions of 85x95 centimeters

The blankets are also made of several types of materials, in a wide variety of models:

  • 100% cotton composition, which absorbs water very well, soft and pleasant to the touch

  • Organic cotton composition, knitted, ideal for the first months of life, such as this one , which can also be used in a stroller or crib;

  • Polyester composition, 6 in 1 , which can be used as a bath towel, nursing mat, changing mat, diaper changing mat, sun/wind protection mat, changing mat. Due to the large dimensions of 100 x 90 centimeters, this blanket can be used even by children up to 4-5 years old both indoors and outdoors;

The baby carrier is also available in several models and colors:

  • Model similar to a sleeping bag. Soft material for children's sensitive skin. Suitable for premature babies and newborns.

How do we care for blankets, baby carriers and blankets?

It is recommended that all these beds, blankets and baby carriers be washed and dried according to the instructions on the label, then kept in the little one's closet, without making contact from the outside with the adults' clothes. It is necessary to wash them with detergent and conditioner specially designed for babies - this way there is not the slightest risk that the little one will have affected skin, as small children are prone to dermatitis anyway.

Is it enough to have one blanket, a blanket and a baby carrier?

Small incidents often occur around the little ones, so it is preferable to have ¾ copies of each, to make sure we have enough changes for the baby. This is valid both for the maternity baggage, but also for the period following the child's growth.

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