After accepting the status of godparents, the future spiritual parents of the child assume the responsibility that during the life of the little one, they guide him and offer him the support that his natural parents would offer.

Along with this great responsibility, there will also be small symbolic gestures that must be made along the way, both at the baptism ceremony and during the passage of time, once the child grows.

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Who is in charge of buying the baptism clothes and kits?

Considering that the role of godparents is to represent support, both for parents and for the child, they must take this responsibility seriously, and actively participate in the growth and development of the little one, both emotionally and and financially, if they want this and have this possibility.

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For this reason, there are areas of the country where the purchase of a baptismal candle or the baby's kit have become true customs regarding the mystery of baptism, these small gifts also representing, in one form or another, small evidence of the involvement of the spiritual parents in the baby's life.

However, before you decide, as a mother-in-law, to buy the little one's clothes and kit, you should also consult with the new mother. It is also possible that, depending on the area where you live, the traditions differ, and if you want to respect them, it is advisable that, first of all, the priest who will baptize your child be consulted, and who will be able to offer the necessary guidance and information about how the long-awaited event will take place.

The priest will also be able to inform you, both you and the mother, who will have to buy baptismal clothes and a trousseau .

Take into account the opinion of the other!

Team work never fails!

Regardless of who will eventually take the clothes and the kit, the main objective is for there to be communication throughout the time, and for both the mother and the godmother to say what they want, in such a way that, at the moment they have chose the clothes and the kit, both should be satisfied.

Like the new godmother, you will probably want your little one to be as close as possible, that's why you'll probably want to actively participate in this event, and contribute with various things. If you want to be the one who buys the kit and the clothes, make sure to consult with your parents first.

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Even if it seems like a very nice gesture on your part, it is possible that they also want to buy them, so don't make decisions before you tell them too, because the outfit of your little one and the kit are very important for the event that next: baptism .

Although there is no rule, it is practiced quite often by the nasi, the habit of buying the kit and clothes. Since the godparents are the ones responsible for holding the child in their arms during the baptism, including after the service, they help or dress the baby themselves after the immersion in the water.

baby baptism costume

That is precisely why, as a sign of love for the little one, this custom was created, to give a set of clothes and the kit as a gift, which is also used during the performance of this ritual.

If you have become the godmother of your little one, there is certainly a very close bond between you and the new parents. Thus, you will definitely want to be as close to them as possible and contribute as much as possible. Don't forget, however, that their opinion about the kit and clothes also matters a lot.

So, if you are happy to buy them, ask for advice on how to make the clothes look or even go shopping together, so that everyone is satisfied and at the baptism there are no various discussions or tension.