The Sacrament of Baptism - initiation into the life of the Catholic community

The joy of the birth of a newborn is incomparable, which is why the Sacrament of Baptism is a sacrament full of significance, whether we are talking about Orthodoxy or Catholicism. Regardless of which Church it belongs to, the child's family must follow traditions and rituals after its birth.

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Baptism is seen as a necessary act to enter the world of Christianity and above all, it is the way through which the transition from the initial state of sin to the higher one of holiness and renunciation of sins is achieved.

Catholic baptism is considered to be a sacrament through which the person becomes a member of the Catholic community and at the same time having the privilege of receiving eternal life. Baptism for Catholics involves a religious ceremony full of meanings, traditions and rituals, and its Sacrament is an inexhaustible source of spirituality and faith.

The godparents and parents must also prepare for the baptism of the little one and the future Christian, to ensure that the ceremony will take place properly, in an appropriate way, in accordance with the importance of this rite. By participating in this event, parents and godparents commit to raise the baby in full faith.

We have selected for you some important information that parents and godparents should have in mind before a Catholic baptism:

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Organization and planning of the baptism - what aspects must be taken into account

The first steps towards the organization of the great and significant event begin with the choice of the church and the priest who will officiate the service. The discussion with the minister of worship involves fixing the day, establishing what is necessary and understanding the meanings of the rituals that will take place, both by parents and grandparents. The parents can consult with the godparents about the day, the time, the place where they want to hold the religious service, but also about the theme of the baptism, the preferences of both parties regarding the choice of colors, clothes, etc.

Choosing godparents - the child's spiritual parents

The choice of the godparents is a very important step, because the godparents will become the spiritual parents of the little one. These people are chosen by the child's parents with a very clear and well-grounded goal: to become examples and moral models for the child and to guide him in his spiritual development.

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Grandparents have a crucial importance in the life of the little one, helping him to grow, supporting him in difficult moments and guiding him in life. Of course, not everyone can be chosen as a nose for the child. They must fulfill the requirements of the Catholic Church and agree with the way the religious service is conducted. Parents can be Catholic, but they can also have another religion, but it is necessary to have received the Sacrament of Baptism, Confirmation and Communion.

Spiritual preparation - deep understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism

Parents and godparents are the adults who must go through a process of spiritual preparation, which involves prayers and deep reflections on the real meaning of this sacrament. Baptism is the most important event in a child's life and marks the first step towards his spiritual life.

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Preparation of the necessary documents

The parents must take care of arranging in time the necessary documents for baptism, and here we remind:

  1. the birth certificate of the person to be baptized;
  2. the certificate attesting the religious marriage of the parents;
  3. the identity documents of the noses;

Baptism clothes - the white that expresses purity

Regarding the choice of baptism clothes, in the Catholic rite, it is suggested to opt for one white dress for girls and a white suit for boys . It is important that they are made of a baby-friendly material, fine, soft, delicate and with decorative details, beads or lace. If the clothes you choose are made of satin or silk, the white will be stronger and more prominent. Lace or tulle usually fades the intensity of the color, significantly reduces the brightness, and the details give an elegant look to the outfit. White symbolizes the washing of sin, purity and innocence.

Key moments of the baptism service

Regarding Catholic faith, through the Sacrament of Baptism , a person cleanses himself of the original ancestral sin from the Bible, inherited from Adam and Eve and becomes a child of God, taking the first step that is considered essential towards the Christian path.

As a parent and priest, it is good to know the schedule of the baptism service. The mother is the one who will bring the child to the church and the one who will hold him in her arms throughout the event. There are sets of prayers and rituals that involve the symbolic adoration of the child in the cross, anointing with holy oil, sprinkling or pouring water on the child's crest and wearing white clothes. To ensure that you better understand the meaning of each ritual, it is recommended to talk with the priest who will officiate the service.

Things needed in the church

Both parents and godparents must take into account the choice and preparation of the integrative elements on the day of the event.

Among these are the candle, personalized to the liking of the parents and godparents, the child's clothes, the container in which the Holy water will be kept from the baby's crest, the box for the cut strands of hair and the baptism kit with all the necessary accessories (myrrh cloth , the towel for the priest and the baby, the bottle of myrrh, the baptism mask, the soap with glycerin).

The purchase of the aforementioned is the responsibility of the godparents, who must take into account the traditions and preferences of the parents, the theme of the baptism, the sex of the child, etc.

After baptism, the godparents are the ones who have the responsibility to create a context and a favorable environment for the child for his spiritual development, to be close and to teach him about Christian values, respectively to guide him throughout his life.