Annebebe and the Online Fair Baby Expo 2023

If you like discounts and are looking for new accessories for your baby, either to help him grow, to have fun, but also to set up a safe and special room, the Baby Boom Fair is exactly what you need. Held between October 19-22 in Bucharest, but also online at, this fair invites you to keep up to date with news for babies, special discounts and the best price offers of the whole year, as well as surprises, raffles , courses and seminars organized by child rearing specialists.

baby boom expo 2023 fair

Basically, the Baby Boom Expo 2023 autumn edition helps you easily prepare for the arrival of your child or complete your daily needs with high-quality products at low costs. Here's what awaits you.

The biggest brands in the children's industry await you at Baby Boom 2023

AnneBebe has prepared many international brands that will delight your eyes at the fall Baby Expo event. Among them are leading manufacturers of seasonal clothing for children and babies, furniture, nursing and hygiene items, not missing, of course, toys, ergonomic transport systems, items for cribs and cribs in this case. All are made of quality, durable and non-toxic materials, which have earned them the respect they enjoy today. Let's discover some of them!

l AnneBebe

Own brand AnneBebe has prepared the latest trends in themed clothes, sets and accessories. If your little one has just come into the world or this is about to happen, with small steps you have certainly started to enjoy the organization of the baptism. So AnneBebe brings to your attention the latest collections of christening clothes and accessories so that your miracle has an impeccable outfit, as well as Christmas outfits, candles, kits and much more.

l Mayoral

Pink Bodysuit With Straps For Girls Mayoral 168

Mayoral says "Welcome!" for autumn with a delightful collection of tops, jackets and shoes for boys and girls aged 0-18 months. The items are made from premium materials such as cotton, organic cotton, genuine leather, jackets with down filling, so that it is easy for the little one to make the transition from one season to another or to enjoy the well-deserved comfort.

l US Polo Assn

Set of 10 Newborns Cream With Brown With Print

The Polo Assn gives little ones confidence with every step they take. The brand inspired by the world of sports focuses on comfortable clothes that the child can wear from the first day of life and be stylish, ready for new adventures. Pleasant and durable materials are the ideal choice for him to enjoy complete freedom of movement.

l Organic KitiKate

Baby carrier set with beige organic cotton pillow

In recent years, clothing made of organic materials is increasingly sought after, as it is ideal for babies with sensitive and fragile skin, prone to irritation and allergies. So, Organic KitiKate deserves your full attention as the brand exclusively markets items from this premium material, bodysuits, overalls, socks, plaids and many other essentials.

l LeoKing

3 Piece Set Blouse with Lace Pants and Hat Girls Beige Cotton 10816 Leo King

In terms of clothes, LeoKing also stands out with its special autumn collections that support both comfort and health. They use only the best quality, certified materials, with which it manages to delight the little ones with every use.

l Patique Kids

Set of 2 Knitted Cotton Pieces for Girls, Brown Sweater and Cream Overalls 21028 Patique

Patique Kids is the great choice for always-on-trend kids who can express their strong personality with brightly colored clothes. At the BabyBoom ​​Show, the collection will also include fluffy, warm blankets, ideal to take on vacation or for a walk, as well as other useful accessories.

l Sarabanda

Cream Shirt With Long Sleeve Gray Print For Boys 5624 Miniband

And Sarabanda has prepared a lot of beautiful accessories and clothes for girls and boys. There will be many on-trend items, comfortable cuts, soft materials that will fit wonderfully every day, in any context.

l Ido

By participating in the Boom Baby Expo event, you will also be able to view the new releases from Ido, a brand focused on casual and elegant clothes, but also on accessories. Modern and versatile items will delight with attention to detail, skin-friendly materials, without missing, of course, the comfort part.

l Condor

Long Cream Lace Socks Face Condor 4502

Condor will impress you with the delicacy and beauty of accessories for girls and boys, which have a generous line of accessories for babies, ideal for everyday use or to wear at special events. Thus, there is no shortage of flirty and warm socks, accessorized with bows, made of knitwear, lace, cotton and many others.

And besides these, there will be many other soul brands with the author of which you will be able to choose from A to Z everything your little one needs. If you can't make it to Romexpo, Stand NR:E12, Pavilion Central-Inel Stânga, you will find the products and the generous discounts even online, at

baby boom expo fair banner

How do you get a free invitation to Baby Boom Expo 2023? Download here

Baby Boom Expo 2023 is an event full of life and innovation, dedicated to families and children. To participate in this wonderful experience, there are two ways to enter: with a ticket or for free, depending on the day and the options available.

Entrance to the exhibition costs 15 lei for adults. This symbolic amount helps support the event and organize quality activities for visitors. However, there is also the possibility to enter for free on certain days.

Specifically, entry is free on Thursdays and Fridays for all those who download the special invitation from the event website here .

Children have free access on any of the exhibition days. This makes the Baby Boom Expo truly a friendly event for the whole family, where the little ones can explore, learn and have fun with their parents and other visitors.

Thus, whether you choose to buy a ticket or download the free invitation for Thursday and Friday, Baby Boom Expo 2023 promises to offer an unforgettable experience for all participants.

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