Baptism is a religious ceremony through which the baby is included in the Orthodox Church. The sacrament of Baptism symbolizes the rebirth of the baptized person and his acceptance among Christians. Parents always have a dilemma about what to name the baby. There are people who know this from the beginning, but they are few. There is also the tradition of choosing the name according to the Saint who is celebrated in the month in which the baby was born.

Very often, parents are often faced with a dilemma: how do we baptize a girl ? Just like in the case of a boy's baptism, in this case too you can call on the help of more experienced people (for example, family or friends) to make a list of suggestions for girls' names. Once you have created this list, you need to consider some important aspects. For example, do you want to give your child a special name or do you prefer a more common name? Is there a name that you really like, regardless of its popularity and sound?

How do we baptize a girl?

There is no strict rule that tells us how to baptize a girl. In certain families, the baptismal name is chosen according to the birthday, the saint's day in the calendar or similar to the first name of the mother, grandmother, etc. In general, many parents want the name they choose for their daughter to represent a blessing for her, to convey or have a special meaning.

In the past, it was very common to say the name of a saint and a saint at the girl's baptism, and then to choose one of these two names for the child. Saint Mary was considered the protector of all children and thus many little girls received this name at baptism.

For the ceremony, you will choose a special trousseau for the girl , in pink and white colors. This will be bought by the godmother, together with the baptism candle , but also other clothes for baptism.

baptism candle

How do we choose a girl's name?

The name is the most important thing you get from your parents. That's why it's good to think a lot before making a choice. Talk to your family and friends about what name you would like to give your child, how different combinations of first and last names sound. Maybe some of your friends have interesting ideas, maybe you know other families who have girls and you can ask them for advice. You can consult the list of popular names for girls or the top of the most beautiful Romanian names (you can find them easily, with a simple search on the Internet). If you are inspired, you can search for old Romanian names or you can search for their meanings. Regarding clothing for baptism , there is no rule, choose according to your preferences.


How do we baptize a boy?

The boy's baptism has the same meaning as in the case of girls, his acceptance into the Christian life and the erasure of ancestral sin. There is no specific way to choose a baby name.

Some parents start thinking about this even before the pregnancy, and others decide the baby's name only after meeting him for the first time. There are people who know exactly how they want to baptize their little boy, and others choose their name a few days before the baptism.

I baptize a boy

The first thing you need to do is talk with your partner about what names you like for your baby. It is good for both of you to make this decision. Regarding the preparations for baptism, and in the case of boys, the godmother will buy them a kit and a candle .


In both cases, you can opt for a chest in which to transport the baby's belongings to the church. Also, for both boys and girls, the kit can be customized with the baby's name and baptism date. At the same time, it is recommended to talk openly with the godmother, in order to express your wishes regarding the kit and the other objects necessary for the child, for the christening service.