If you are going to be the godmother or godmother for a baby, the first question you may have is related to the baptism kit . What does it contain and therefore, what do you need to buy for the baptism at the church, the moment of the little one's christening? Read our article and discover all the elements of a christening kit .

6 important pieces included in the baptism kit

There are 7 important things that any baptismal kit must contain, whether we are talking about the christening of a boy, or whether we are talking about the christening of a girl. Here are these things:

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1. Myrrh cloth

This is a piece of material (it can be, for example, fine or 100% cotton). It is soft, pleasant to the touch and quite thin. It can be decorated, and its size is generally 90 x 90 cm. You can easily find a bag with embroidered and personalized myrrh cloth (with the message "With love, from my nose!" or with the initials of the little one, etc.). In this myrrh cloth, the baby will be taken out of the baptismal font.

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2. Baby towel, hooded

This towel is a larger one, for the baby. It is usually made of 100% cotton, which can quickly absorb water so that the baby does not get cold during work. The towel in the kit is soft, beautiful, with a comfortable texture, with dimensions of about 80 x 80 cm or 140 x 70 cm (normal towel).

It can have several colors depending on the model chosen and can be personalized with a special message (such as "With love, from the noses") or with the baby's initials and the date of baptism. This towel will be used to wipe the baby as soon as he is removed from the water in the baptismal font. Afterwards, the towel will be taken home and can be used for any bath of the baby.

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3. Front

Here is another thing that should not be missing from the baptism kit . This face is actually a piece of ribbon that has an important meaning. It can be made of satin or cotton, long enough and can be personalized with the baby's name and baptism date.

In the past, this fascia was used when the baby was swaddled, but today, few parents choose to swaddle the baby (with the legs close to the fascia).

Fasa also signifies the spiritual ladder, the ascent of the little soul towards divinity. Usually, the facade is 90 or 100 cm long.

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4. Bottle for myrrh

When you buy a christening kit, all the elements included in the package will have the same design, which will create a beautiful harmony. Therefore, the myrrh bottle can also be decorated with a pearl or decorated in tone with the other things in the baptism kit. In this empty bottle, the priest will drip myrrh that the parents will be able to take home.

The myrrh in the bottle can be used in various situations or after the bath every evening. The mother can anoint the little one on the forehead, on the wrists, on the soles, to be protected. According to popular beliefs, the baby will sleep better, and evil forces will not be able to approach his pure soul, after he will be anointed with holy myrrh.

5. Towel for the priest

As you can guess, this is the towel that the priest will use to wipe his hands, after removing the child from the baptismal water. The towel will then remain with the priest.

This towel is usually made of cotton, is embroidered and has dimensions of about 50 x 90 cm or 70 x 40 cm. Read the full description of each kit to check the exact dimensions for the priest's towel and the baby's towel.

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6. A bar of soap.

What else does the baptism kit include?

In addition to the things listed above, there are still a number of pieces that the godmother, godmother or godfathers (if they are married) should buy for the little one's christening day. Here are what they are.

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- The baptism candle . This can be personalized and decorated according to the theme of the baptism. In our offer you will find a lot of theme ideas for baptism (princess, swan, little prince, butterfly, sailor, etc.).

- The box, chest or christening basket. And this can be embroidered and customized according to the theme of the baptism.

- Baptism mat for boys and girls. Especially in the cold season, the blanket will be used to wrap the baby and protect it from the cold.

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- Festive christening clothes. Here there are many options for baptism costumes for boys and baptism dresses for girls .

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