US Polo Assn for Babies and Children

USPA is a very well-known and appreciated international brand all over the world. It does not only produce clothes for adults, but also for children. If you want to wear your child in quality clothes, from a famous brand, you can confidently browse the US Polo Assn catalog for the little ones.

In Romania, you can find a lot of clothing items for babies and small children, signed by the USPA brand, only in AnneBebe stores. From plaids for strollers and cribs, to bodysuits, overalls and bibs, there are many clothing solutions that USPA offers to parents of dwarfs.

Girls overalls from the brand US Polo Assn

The new clothing collection includes short overalls with colorful print and collar , cream overalls with flowers , various bodysuits with short sleeves, without buttons and staples, but with a turn-down collar, for easy dressing. See the gray jumpsuit with a cream blouse , the castle print jumpsuit , the baby unicorn jumpsuit and colorful stripes .

Cream Overall With Gray Flowers 349 Us Polo Assn

Gray Jumpsuit With Cream Blouse Us Polo Assn art USB511

Baby Girls Cotton Blue & Pink Castle Print Jumpsuit US Polo Assn 034

Purple lPurple Jumpsuit With Colorful Stripes Us Polo Assn USB567

Bodysuits and overalls for baby girls and boys are the most practical clothing items at this age. Simply, you can dress the baby in a short bodysuit, and on top of that you can give him a comfortable jumpsuit. It will be warm enough for him like this and you will be able to handle him easily while nursing, changing, sleeping or playing.

Us Polo Assn Us Polo Assn USB653 Navy Blue With Red Hoodie & Zip Up

Us Polo Assn art Gray Hoodie & Zip Up USB652

Us Polo Assn art Navy Blue Hoodie & Pins USB527

Baby hoodies

Even if when you go to the park the sun shines in the sky, don't forget to put a sweatshirt in your baby's bag because you never know what the weather has in store for you. Thus, you will be ready to cover the little one with a warm sweatshirt, if it starts to wind or rain. The sweatshirts from USPA are elegant, easy to put on (with zipper or staples), with a hood to protect the head, long sleeves, soft inner material and pleasant to the touch. Check out the Navy and Red Hoodie with Zipper and Hood , the USPA Gray Hoodie , or the Zip Front Hoodie .

Casual dresses

You wanted a little girl so much and now you have one. You promised yourself that when you hold her in your arms, you will dress her like a princess, from her first days. Now, you can keep your word because there are so many beautiful clothes for baby girls. From the USPA brand, you can choose a white dress with broken embroidery or a white dress with ruffles and colorful print and panties .

White Dress Sparta Embroidery 415 Us Polo Assn

White Dress With Ruffles Colorful Print & Underpants 408 Us Polo Assn

Clothing sets for boys and girls

These sets are an excellent gift idea when you visit new parents, at a baptism, at an anniversary, etc. They are elegant, thematic and include several pieces. Instead of buying a t-shirt and then trying to figure out which pants or skirt could go with it, when you directly buy a complete set, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

For boys, USPA offers sets of t-shirts with shorts (like this one ) or tank tops with shorts (like this one ).

You can also find sets of bodysuits in the same style, set with 5 pieces (hat, bib, pants, gloves, fez - see this model with elephants ), set with long sleeve blouse and pants with socks, USPA tracksuits and complete sets for newborns with 10 or even 20 pieces .

Newborn Set 20 Pieces Navy Blue With Cream Us Polo Assn USB 110

2 Piece Tracksuit Blouse & Beige Pants With Colorful Print Us Polo Assn USB496

5 Piece Set Cream With Elephants Boys 200 Us Polo Assn

2 Piece Set Cream T-Shirt & Orange Shorts 273 Us Polo Assn

Blankets and towels

In addition to clothing items for children, USPA offers plaids with floral print for strollers or cots and hooded bath towels ( cream towel with navy blue whale hood or floral towel for babies ).

Navy Blue Whale Hooded Cream Towel 237 Us Polo Assn

Cream Towel With Pink Hood & Gray Flowers 354 Us Polo Assn

In the AnneBebe stores and on our website, you can also find USPA bibs, hats and beanies for babies, warm overalls. You can order online or you can visit us directly in our AnneBebe stores.