Will you be the nose or the godmother? Choose a personalized baptism kit

Although nothing interesting seemed to happen in those moments, it turned out that that day will be one of the most beautiful and special that you have lived until then, because you received the question if you want to be the godfather or godmother for a miracle that just came into the world.

Of course, you immediately accept and are happy, but after these moments of excitement pass, you have to start searching online to choose, in advance, the perfect kit for the baby for whom you will be a spiritual parent.

So, to help you in this extremely beautiful and special choice, we have prepared below some ideas, tips and recommendations to take into account when you want to make the best choices for the baby you are going to have baptize him soon.

personalized baptism kit

Personalized baptism suit - a special choice

As a nose, you have the task of choosing the christening kit of a miracle that is just starting to make its way into the world. But this task is not as easy as it seems. You want everything to be special and unique, so it's important to get informed, make a clear list and don't forget to buy something essential for the baptism service and the party after the christening. At the church, for the actual baptism, you will need a kit. This set includes all the items the priest needs to perform the baptism ritual according to tradition: myrrh cloth, myrrh bottle, soap, bandage, baby towel, priest towel, candle (click HERE to see the models in stock), optional chest or baptismal box . Apart from these, you have to think about a row of new clothes.

baptism facade

There are many kits from which you can choose depending on the gender of the child, the theme of the baptism, colors and other elements. But, no matter which model you choose, remember that you can customize this kit. Of course, customization cannot be done anywhere. Only certain workshops and online stores offer customers this option.

For example, the online store and the Annebebe workshop in Bucharest offer the possibility of personalizing the items in the kit, through various embroideries.

bottle of myrrh

Turn baptism into a memorable event with a personalized baptism kit

Of course, before this event takes place, but also before you choose the personalized kit you want, you will have to consult with the parents of the little one who is going to be baptized, because if they want a certain kit, a message specifically printed on it, a model, or a specific color, you should take all this into account.

So, have a conversation with the baby's parents on this topic and decide together which is your favorite personalized kit, in order to have a memorable event and exactly as you wanted it to be: special and perfect.


What is a personalized baptism kit?

baptism kit for babies

The complete kit contains all the items the priest needs during the service to officiate this special christening ceremony. The personalized kit is the one that can be printed with the date of the event and the name of the baptized baby and/or with a short message from the noses. These details make the respective kit truly unique.


On which items can the kit be customized?

The personalization can be done on the myrrh cloth, on the little baby's towel, but also on his christening face. A short and emotional message can also be embroidered on the baptism chest, that box where you can put all the important objects for the service.

popular christening kit

When a customer orders a personalized christening suit, he can request a specific color for the embroidery. In our online store, it is very easy to place such an order because on the product page you have all the details that must be selected or completed so that we can make the special embroidery.


With what texts can a baptism kit be personalized?

One of the most requested messages for the personalization of christening kits is "With love from my nose". Other ideas can be:

We will always be with you!
Be healthy!
I love you so much godparents!
Today I was baptized!
May the angels watch over you.
Beautiful life!
Welcome to the world, our little one!
We wish you a life full of love and happiness!
You are our blessing!
We love you from the first moment we saw you!
We are honored to be your godparents!
Honor us to be your parents.
baptism kit with teddy bear

So, now that you have convinced yourself that the most special thing that godparents can do for the baby they are going to baptize is the personalized kit, all you have to do is choose it from our offer. Select all the information related to personalization and we assure you that we will prepare a superb christening kit.