Personalized christening suit to order

Instead of preparing an unmarked kit for the little one, it is worth choosing the customization of baptismal pieces, because they will be treasured as the most beautiful memory. You can choose personalization with special messages, with the child's name, with wishes from the heart or the initials of the noses. More baptism ideas, baptism kits , but also other details about the customization of the baptism kit can be found in this article.
personalized baptism kit

What can be embroidered on each item in a personalized baptism kit?

If you are preparing for a baptism, from us you can order a personalized kit, but also personalized chests , baptism candles and complete sets. For this, on the desired products page on our website, you can select the options available for personalization.

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For example, to customize this boy's christening suit, on the order page you can enter the name of the baptized child and the date of the event - this information can be sewn onto the pieces of the suit.
We have children's christening items, christening suits, boy's christening candles, traditional kits, girls' christening clothes.

Embroidered christening suits

personalized embroidered christening suit

We can customize 3 basic elements that are part of the baptism kit:

1. Myrrh cloth

This is also called crasma or crasmuta and must not be missing from baptism. In general, it is white or ivory and symbolizes the purity of the child who is to be christened. The godparents will hold the myrrh cloth when the priest takes the baby out of the baptismal font. According to popular tradition, the myrrh cloth should be kept by the child's parents and when the baby is sick, if he is wrapped in it, he will get well immediately.

personalized mir canvas

2. The baby's towel

It will be used at church, during the christening service, to wipe the baby when it is taken out of the water. We can embroider the name of the baptized child on this towel, which will remain a beautiful memory for him and his parents.

personalized towel

3. Baptism sash

Tradition says that the baptism mask is the connection between the baptized child and God. Therefore, after baptism, this must be kept. There are also some superstitions related to this face, and one of them says that if the face is too short, the child will marry too soon, and if it is too long, he will marry too late.

personalized baptism facade

You can also choose the color of the embroidery, but also a personal message to sew on the kit.
Apart from these pieces that are part of the baptism kit, we can also customize the candle and the chest. The baptism candle can be personalized with the name of the baptized baby and the date of the event. And this time you can choose the color of the applied embroidery.
To personalize the trunks, you can write down the name of the baptized baby and the date of the event on the product page, so that we can embroider them exactly like that. Customization can be done on the velvet band on the cap outline and/or on the embroidered ellipse on the side. You can choose one of the 6 available colors, send a nice thought to the baby and add the message on the velvet strip on the outline at the base.
You can order from our store personalized embroidered kit, traditional candles, baptism shoes, traditional baptism kit, baptism costumes, baptism candles for boys and girls.

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Personalized baptism suit - how much does it cost?

The price for personalizing the baptism kit starts from 40 lei. The personalization of the myrrh cloth and the towel costs 40 lei, and the personalization of the baptism phase is 20 lei. You can choose to customize just one of these elements or all of them.
We can also embroider on the christening kit a message or a nice thought for the baby, from the noses. The price for this customization is 20 lei and can be done within the limit of 40 characters.
The personalization of the chest is 50 lei and can be done on the velvet strip on the contour of the lid and/or on the embroidered ellipse on the side. Customizing the candle with the child's name and baptism date is 50 lei.
We have a permanent stock of items for a successful christening: girls' clothes depending on the theme, christening candles for girls with personalized embroidery, personalized pillows, personalized towel.

personalized candle

Personalized christening suit - what colors can you choose?

The colors available for personalizing the trunk, the candle and the chests are: blue, navy blue, pink, red, cream, gold, brown. We recommend you to choose the shade so as to create a beautiful visual harmony. Of course, the blue and navy blue shades are chosen especially for boys, and the red and pink ones for girls. Cream, gold and brown can be used for both girls and boys.

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