A special style for baptism - vintage

We strongly believe that most people agree that children's clothes are adorable, and we are often surprised by how small and cute they can be. Today there are a multitude of clothing options for children of all ages, for all budgets and for all tastes.

vintage ivory dress

We want to come up with an original approach that takes a little of the classic patterns of children's outfits, namely the vintage style.

What is this vintage style anyway?

The vintage style is a style that belongs to the last century and is characterized by elegance, abundance of details, imposing and sophisticated materials, but light and delicate at the same time. Among adults, this style seems to be taking on new values ​​and more and more people are even promoting the idea of ​​second-hand clothes, and authentic vintage products are highly sought after and appreciated.

Children's clothes in vintage style are easy to notice: shades of ivory, lace, ruffles, macrame, knitwear - here are just a few elements that define this unique style.

vintage children's clothes

In the case of children, the vintage style or the inspiration from vintage models is not so common, and we suggest that for special and story-like outfits, get inspired with us from this style for your children's outfits.

Vintage outfits for little girls

In the case of girls, the options have always been more and the market abounds with articles for girls. To lay the foundations of a vintage outfit, we suggest socks with frills .

socks with vintage frills

These details are as if detached from that world where details were present in abundance and the works were among the most minute. The ruffles and the bow are distinctive elements, and the cotton from which the socks are made is delicate and precious.

The central element of the outfit can be represented by the Izvory Dress with silver thread .

The distinctive element of this dress is given by the oversized bow applied to the shoulders. The cut of the dress is classic and simple, leaving room for the bow to stand out without drawing attention to other details. It is made of cotton, and the cut reminds of the performance of materials from the vintage era, but it also maintains a chic and modern air at the same time.

For slightly cool evenings, the outfit can be completed in perfect harmony with a white knit cardigan with ruffles .

White Knitted Cardigan With Ruffle

The cardigan has sophisticated elements such as the bottom and fine heart-shaped seams applied directly to the material. The delicacy of the material and the fine details complete the outfit perfectly.

Complete the outfit with a pair of cream leather shoes .

vintage children's shoes

The shoes have a lacquered look, and the closure is based on a belt and not a zipper or scotch tape, reminiscent of the vintage closure method. Their appearance is simple, but elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Vintage clothes for boys

For boys, the options on the market are not as numerous, especially regarding the vintage style applied in everyday life, but with attention and inspiration you can create vintage-inspired outfits with which your boy will be the center of attention.

The basis of the outfit can be given by long navy blue pants .

boy's vintage pants

These pants have a classic and simple cut, and compared to regular jeans, this type of pants completed with the right items can successfully form a vintage-inspired outfit that offers elegance and sophistication.

Complete the outfit with a white shirt with a navy blue bow tie .

boy's bow tie shirt

The shirt is a classic one that denotes sobriety and elegance, but at the same time it keeps modern lines because it is simple, and the bow tie offers that extra elegance that was often found in the times of the last century.

For an added effect, you can add a navy blue cotton jacket to the outfit to give the outfit more presence and a sophisticated air.

boy's retro jacket

Of course, the outfit cannot be complete without a pair of black patent shoes in the same elegant note as the rest of the outfit.


vintage boys shoes

Therefore, there are many modern options that, when properly accessorized, can have vintage inspiration, especially as we focus on finding articles with classic lines. But the abundance of carefully chosen fine details and materials with a precious texture such as lace gives the outfit structure, but at the same time they are gentle on children's skin.

I hope I have inspired you and encouraged you to shop!