Patique - Beautiful clothes for your child in the cold season

With the arrival of autumn, the temperatures drop day by day, which is the occasion when you will have to ensure your little one all the comfort he needs during this time of the year. And who can offer you a perfect combination between comfort and elegance, if not the textile products from the Patique collection?

Cotton Sweater for Boys

With a diverse range of overalls, knitted overalls and soft and fluffy blankets, this brand offers you the right clothing items to dress your little one properly in the autumn and winter months.

Discover the latest collection of Patique products and offer your little one clothes and textile items of the best quality!


Baby overalls, ideal for the autumn-winter season

Without a doubt, overalls are those pieces that should not be missing from children's wardrobes, whether it is for girls or boys. At Patique, you can find many models of overalls, from casual pieces to elegant pieces.

Cotton Knitted Jumpsuit for Girls

What is good to know is the fact that these types of clothes are appreciated by parents, because they combine functionality with aesthetics. It is very easy to dress the little one in a jumpsuit and go together to a playground, to relatives or to spend time outdoors.

Each piece is created from the best quality materials, from soft and pleasant cotton to thicker materials for those cool autumn days. The newly launched collection is updated to reflect the latest trends in children's clothing.

Knitted Cotton Overalls for Boys

From the modern cut to the unique details, you will find pieces that will not only keep the little one warm, but will also give them a really interesting look. The overalls are made to impress both visually and to offer children maximum comfort.

Equipped with practical pockets, the best quality zippers and loose cuts, you will discover that they represent an optimal investment for the autumn wardrobe of the little ones.


Knitted overalls, comfortable pieces for children

When it comes to children's clothing design, one thing is certain. You will have to put their comfort first and direct your attention only to the clothes that have the softest material and texture.

Knitted overalls are also included in the category of products that children should not miss, because they are light and protect them from the cold.

Set of 2 Knitted Cotton Pieces for Girls

The knitted fiber mixtures will provide thermal comfort to your baby even when the weather is not on your side and you still want to go out together for a relaxing walk through the park.

Whether you choose a neutral shade that fits any outfit or you turn your attention to a jumpsuit in a more vibrant color, you will see that these clothing models are very practical and always in trend.

Knitted Jumpsuit for Girls, Green with Flowers


Warm blankets, for cool evenings

In the cool autumn evenings, nothing is more beautiful than wrapping your little one in a fluffy blanket and reading a bedtime story. The knitted rugs from Patique are not just textile items, they are an expression of comfort and elegance.

Knitted Cotton Blanket for Babies

If you are a mother, then you already know that the materials from which baby items are made are particularly important. It would be ideal to choose a 100% cotton blanket, because it is gentle on children's sensitive skin and does not cause allergies to the little ones.

The design and dimensions of the rugs from the Patique collection make them ideal for everyday use. Are you going to go for a walk with your child or will you be traveling in the near future? Then the blankets will be indispensable for the little ones, providing them with the comfort they need during walks.

Knitted Cotton Blanket, Beige with Brown Stripe

Cotton is an easy-to-maintain material, which will not get damaged easily after just a few washes, on the contrary. You will be able to use the blanket for a long time, becoming an indispensable object in the life of children.

Blankets are also useful when it comes to the little one's sleep, because you can wrap him and make him feel protected. Did you know that at Patique you will find a diverse collection of blankets, both for girls and boys?

The range of shades is specially designed to meet your expectations from a chromatic point of view. It would be ideal to choose a blanket in a color that suits your little one, in order to also reflect the little one's personality from the first years of life.

You know him better than anyone and you already know what suits him, don't you?

The knitted bed models are created with attention to detail, and if you want the best quality pieces for your little one, then you can consider purchasing such products with a delightful design.

The fine knits and delicate details, such as the white stripes on the edge, give extra style to the blankets. These objects can also represent some inspired gift ideas for children's birthdays, why not?

Cotton Sweater for Girls

If you're taking part in a baby's birthday and you're running out of ideas, the knitted blanket will come to your rescue! What's more, this gift is as practical as possible, so it will be used often.

Therefore, the new Patique collection brings to the fore unique creations for children, which inspire and define fashion instead of passively following it. Discover the latest pieces from the new fall-winter collection and refresh your little one's wardrobe!

Set of 2 Knitted Cotton Pieces for Girls patiq

Elegance and comfort should not be separate options, but should meet in every detail of clothing items for children. The seasons change, but the feelings you have for your little one grow every day, don't they?

Choose top quality products for the child and you will see that they will feel and look comfortable in a jumpsuit or a knitted jumpsuit from the new Patique collection !