Being at the beginning of their life as a princess, it will take some time until the little ladies will turn into women in all their nature and will have an important word to say in terms of clothing and personal style.

Until the moment they take their lives in their hands in the true sense of the word, it is up to the parents and godparents to take care of the future princess. And the first steps will be taken from the first day of life, with a deep emotional mark on the day of baptism.

Most parents have evolved along with fashion trends. So it is no longer news that they will invest in the baby's outfit to give it a special appearance in the most magical moment of life.

And the leaders in terms of popularity are without a doubt such princess- type christening dresses. Why choose such a dress for the little one, how to choose the most suitable dress, what costs it entails or what fine details you need to take into account, you will find out in today's material.

Ivory Dress With Gold Stripes Christening Girls AnneBebe

How do you choose the most suitable dress for baptism?

The most important thing when choosing an outfit for your princess is comfort. Being a human being at the first event of such a magnitude, dedicated to dance, you will be interested in making the girl feel good, comfortable and relaxed.

Just the simple fact that more people will gather around her than usual might shake her, especially the whole ritual which can be really tiring.

And because the princess-style dress is a classic way of expressing her fair sex, you certainly don't want to make her uncomfortable with her outfit.

Because each child is unique in its own way, pay attention to the choice of size. Some children develop more slowly, others faster, and the dress should not be too heavy, not too rich in materials, but not too tight either. How do you determine that you have chosen the best size?

Try to measure your child, and if this may be too difficult, measure the clothes he or she usually wears and compare the measurements with those of the dress you want.

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Why choose a princess baptism dress?

Princess dresses have a special charm - from the fine and delicate cut, like girls in general, to the innocence and purity they express and the way they highlight such a soul.

And if we also refer to the fact that after the event there will be a series of photos or videos that you will have everywhere in your memory, and that at some point she will also see, the princess style dress will help her to fit the theme of the event as well as possible.

Together with a lot of elegantly dressed adults, the child will not only be surprised in poses and in an outfit that will highlight her in the respective materials, but at the same time, years and years from now, she will be impressed and happy by the way you chose her outfit and that she was and is truly a real princess.

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How much does a princess dress for babies cost?

You could say that such a wonderful and gorgeous dress in every way costs a fortune, right?

Well, wants to be with every family and turn baptism into a magical moment, without worrying about the huge costs that are often required for a simple article of clothing. That's why, with us, you will find princess-type christening dresses starting at the price of 69 lei.

Of course, the more you want the dress to be more special and made of the most sophisticated materials or with a special design, the more you will have to invest. Thus, the most expensive dress has a price of 600 lei and is a premium creation made of precious materials, decorated with lace embroidery and pearls.

What conditions must the princess dress meet?

Regardless of the budget you have available or the model you consider relevant for your little one, there are a number of basic criteria that the princess dress must meet.

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First of all, you have to make sure that the materials are of the best quality, avoiding the discomfort of the little one during the whole day. Babies' skin is very delicate, so it is recommended that the chosen dress is preferably made of cotton, at least in the area that comes into direct contact with the skin. For example, you can opt for a dress with a cotton back, a lace top and a veil or tulle skirt.

You also have to make sure that the chosen dress fits the appropriate season. Thus, in the colder season you can opt for a dress made of a denser or thicker material. It may be easier for you to accessorize the dress with a series of thick stockings, a hat and a coat (for extremely cold days). For a sensational outfit, make sure that the accessories are in tune with the model of the dress and never choose them in advance.

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If the christening has a certain theme, it is ideal that the child's outfit, respectively the adult's, should follow the same line. The result will be more harmonious and full of good taste.

Who buys the christening outfit for the little girl?

Whether we are talking about boys or girls, godparents are responsible for the children's clothing. Of course, the fact that they chose to be part of the child's life is the most beautiful gift. So, regardless of your tastes, as a parent, the godparents will have the final say. It will be wonderful if you can consult with them so that you can choose a dress at a suitable budget and a model that resonates with the whole family. The important thing is that the little one feels like a real angel and the whole event is an unforgettable memory.

In conclusion, it is not at all difficult to choose the most beautiful dress for the truest princess. There are vast options for all these miracles in our lives, the christening of the little girl being the most beautiful gift.