We cannot convince you of the quality and practicability of the clothes that are part of our children's collection from the renowned Guess brand, without wearing them for a little while and showing you that the Guess brand has a history and a success story that continues and nowadays and, certainly, a story that we will admire in the future.


The incredible story of a successful brand in children's fashion

Guess was founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who moved from the south of France to pursue the American dream. Motivated by European craftsmanship, which also characterizes us, as a people, the Marciano brothers reinvented denim. Guess quickly became a symbol of a young, intriguing and daring lifestyle. nowadays it is a truly international lifestyle brand, with a wide range of denim clothing and accessories available in over 80 countries around the globe.

in the 80s, Guess was among the most famous denim jeans brands. The first jeans collection was designed for women. However, a line for men was launched in 1983.

In 1984, Guess launched its new brand of watches called "Guess", "Guess Steel" and "Guess Collection". The watch line exists in modern days. Numerous other accessory subsidiaries joined the watch line.

In addition, in 1984, they launched a range of children's clothing, known as "Baby Guess". The line is currently integrated with clothes for babies and children known as Guess kids. The combination of playful designs, catchy slogans and classic denim styles makes all kids' hearts beat faster. Anyone who wears Guess makes an expressive fashion statement, has a personality that stands out.

Guess collection - clothes for children, at AnneBebe


Our collection, Guess for children , is always practical and made of high quality materials, as are all the products offered by this prestigious brand. Many natural fabrics are used, such as cotton, which makes Guess clothes for children very comfortable to wear.

We have, on our website, clothing pieces from this collection suitable from the age of one month to the age of 7 years, so you can pamper your baby or small child with the outfits obtained by combining the clothing pieces.

Many models in the Guess range for girls are inspired by styles and colors that are also available for adults. In addition to gorgeous dresses for every occasion, you will also find two-piece sets , which make a perfect outfit for every day.

The overalls for babies made of soft cotton, specially chosen for the sensitive skin of babies, have a print with the Guess brand logo, being a very comfortable model for little ones, in a combination of colors suitable for both girls and boys.

And for the little knights, Guess ensures exactly the modern style that is applied nowadays. Coolpants and fun blouses can be worn both in free time and in a day of kindergarten.

Jeans are a basic piece in children's wardrobe, they ensure success for a modern and casual look. Match them with a cheerful t-shirt or a casual blouse and with his favorite shoes for a complete look.

We also have clothing pieces suitable for all seasons, the collection giving you freedom in combining types of clothing throughout the year. Regardless of whether you choose to dress your baby in a set or a jumpsuit, he will enjoy the comfort offered by these. Jackets and pants, bodysuits and dresses allow you to juggle with them, combine and surprise the eyes of your loved ones with the result obtained but, above all, with the comfort you offer your children.

Kids love Guess clothes because of the joy they express, the comfortable materials and cheerful prints, which contribute to a wonderful result when you, the parents, create a Guess outfit for them.