Are you expecting a child?

Or will you be a note taker?

All that remains is to wish you sincere congratulations!

There is no greater emotion and joy for a man than the moment when he becomes a parent or nose/spiritual parent. The beautiful period when the little one is expected into the world, as well as the period after, will require your maximum attention. If initially a mother pays more attention to her body and lifestyle during pregnancy, later all your attention will be captivated by the growth and supervision of the baby, until the organization of the baptism.

beautiful baptism costume

Depending on the religion, as for example, among the Orthodox, baptism takes place approximately 40 days after birth according to the recommendations of the Church. With Catholics, things are different and baptism can take place even later. It is certain that the preparation of such an important event is not at all easy and can turn into a demanding, but also exciting experience at the same time - you have to choose the godparents who will be its spiritual parents, find the church and the right interval, to prepare the decor.

Even the godparents will not sit idly by once they have accepted this blessing in their lives and are forced to respect certain Christian traditions and obligations, such as the purchase of the suit which is considered the first and most important gift to the little one.

christening dress with polka dots

The meaning of the baptism kit

The christening kit can be seen as a tribute to the newly born baby. This is a complex kit that includes a lot of accessories that will be used at his christening - from a large towel with which the little one is wiped when he is taken out of the baptismal font and one for the parent who officiates the mystery, a handkerchief, a glass for the bridegroom , the nativity scene that symbolizes the innocence with which the baby is clothed together with the renunciation of sins and the entry into the community of the church and the divinity (according to religious norms) and many others.

baptism costume in gifts

To simplify the choice of priests and the way of organizing the baptism, today you will easily find complete baptism kits, with all the basic accessories already prepared for the big day. You no longer have to beat your head and get confused with different shopping lists.

At Annebebe, we have prepared very beautiful christening kits that also have candles (another indispensable thing when organizing the secret), as well as wonderful outfits with which the little girls will turn into real princesses, and the boys into real princes.

pink christening suit

A sensational aspect worth mentioning is that you can easily leave your mark on this unique and wonderful event by offering a special, personalized kit. We are delighted every time when the godparents and parents tell us how beautifully everything went and when we receive photos from them in which the children are accompanied by the Annebebe selections. Our kits for girls and boys help godparents all over the world to convey all their love and appreciation to their spiritual children, but also to the parents who brought them into the world.

blue and black christening costume

Discover the new collection of baptism kits from Anebebe

Today, we want to bring to your attention that the portfolio of Anebebe kits has diversified with a lot of spectacular models prepared with love and attention to details.

We want to turn baby girls' christenings into fairy tales by means of personalized sets made up of a dress and candle, sets with a dress and kit, sets made up of a kit, dress and candle, laced, made of delicate materials that are pleasant to the baby's skin.

For boys, we have prepared two-piece baptism sets consisting of a suit and a suit, but also three-piece sets that are supplemented by a candle.

baptism kit for girls pink

Depending on when the event takes place, we are with you step by step during the christening of the little one, offering you christening kits for the age range of 1-24 months, which we will gladly customize for you upon request.

Afterwards, we pack them with love and send them quickly to any address in Romania so that the child can enjoy the first and most spectacular event of his life. Even if he is too young to realize what will happen, the photos and videos you will take at the event will remain a beautiful memory for which he will not hesitate to thank you in the future.

baptism costume with trousseau for boys

Therefore, parent or future nose, we invite you to discover these wonderful new collections and choose the most suitable ones.