When you think of your husband, you see in him a gentleman and you imagine that your boy will really be a gentleman too. But, in the end, what does it mean to be a gentleman? It is a very important characteristic of a man. Dictionary.com describes gentleman as a civilized, educated, sensible or mannered man.

One of the key points of this characteristic is the outfit. As a boy's mother, you want this, especially through his clothing, to stand out even on the most important day in the life of the little Christian.

AnneBebe offers you some outfits from the new collection for boys, Botez de Vis. And let's not forget to use colors.

What do you wear the boy to the baptism?

1. Daniel Suit Light Blue Plaid Jacket & Vest Navy Blue Pants Christening Boy AnneBebe

The safest outfit for a boy is a suit. It is an ensemble of several pieces of clothing, being one of the most masculine choices. The Daniel costume is the first outfit we are talking about today. It is composed of: pants, body type shirt, vest, jacket, bow tie and cap. The body type shirt is made of cotton and is very comfortable.

The color of the jacket and vest is similar to that of the sky, being a very pleasant light blue. The bow tie and pants are in a dark blue color, which draws attention especially in the bow tie area. All you need to add is a pair of slippers and you're done. Simple, right?

2. Apolo Costume Cream Jacket Vest & Navy Blue Pants Baptism Boys AnneBebe

Still staying with classic costumes, we move on to the Apolo costume. It is also composed of trousers, cotton body shirt, vest, jacket, beanie and a very cheerful and colorful bow tie. But let's take them one by one. The tank top and the jacket are cream, a very versatile color that you can play with, especially this season.

The pants and the vest are in a rather strong contrast, being navy blue, but a dark version of this color, similar to the depth of the oceans.

The splash of color comes from the most cheerful bow tie that we present today. A combination of green, red, blue and a touch of yellow. Joy embodied in a bow tie.

3. Eusebiu Suit Ivory Jacket Navy Blue Vest Stars Cream Christening Boys AnneBebe

A variant similar to the one presented previously is the Eusebiu costume. These are composed of the same elements. The cap and the jacket are ivory, and the trousers are dark navy blue.

This time, however, the news is more special. Its design is more childish, being full of cream stars. It seems to me that it would be similar to the starry sky. And what do you think? The bow tie is the splash of color in this outfit. It is of a bright red, only good that no one sees it.

4. Avram Jacket & Waistcoat Navy Blue With Mustard Baptism Boys AnneBebe

The following costumes are more special, having a more special design and more cheerful colors. We are talking about the costumes Avram and Achilles. They are similar in the checks on the jacket, waistcoat and vest. The first one is mustard yellow with navy blue. The pants are plain navy blue, and the bow tie is yellow with dots and a few squares. In this suit I can see the details of the pepit style.

Achilles Suit Beige Jacket & Vest Blue Squares With Brown Christening Boys AnneBebe

The second costume, the Achilles costume, is a simpler one, with blue and brown squares. The trousers and the bow tie are dark blue, and the jacket, vest and beret are printed with those squares.

The most special of all is the navy blue tailcoat for which you have a link. The most elegant detail is the tailcoat itself, the suit being part of the Premium Botez collection. But we'll let you discover it yourself.

All Annebebe costumes, whether it is the female or the male part, are made with love, with great attention to the seams and the cut. The fabrics are carefully selected for the sensitive skin of babies. All this for your little one to be and feel perfect that day. And if we have convinced you, we are waiting for you in any of the AnneBebe locations or on our website with seasonal promotions.

And don't forget, you can match the little one's outfit with that of the father, the nose and even the mother. All you need is a little imagination and courage for color.