Nothing is more beautiful than a dream ceremony to open with grace, having in the foreground the innocent children who delight us with their way of being and their impeccable presence. Young bridesmaids will always be flirtatious and will know how to maintain suspense while waiting for the bride and groom to join their destinies before God.

AnneBebe kicks off the events with two new collections of gorgeous dresses for little girls that will win anyone's heart. They are diaphanous, perfect to be worn at weddings, but they will also be successfully admired when little girls are invited to participate in various other important ceremonies: baptisms, name parties, engagement parties and others. They will help them look and feel like real princesses, exactly as their parents, adults in general, see them in everyday life.

Long Collection - Tulle ceremony dresses with special accessories

The Lungu collection includes a lot of beautiful dresses , the center of attention being the refined tulle that meets the requirements of a real princess. The models are numerous so that, in this new line, you can find both short tulle dresses and long dresses, in happy shades of white, pink, cream, green and blue, for the age category 9 months-12 years. Here are some of the cutest models.

  • Pink tulle ceremony dress with ruffles & pearls at the waist

Pink tulle ceremony dress

This occasion dress impresses with its pleasant pastel pink color, but also with the multiple layers of tulle ruffles that are highlighted by the waist decorated with pearls. In the upper part, but also in the back, the dress is provided with transparent material, the closure is with a zipper. On the inside, the dress has a 100% cotton lining that ensures perfect comfort during hot days.

  • Blue ceremony dress with flowers on the bust & tulle ruffle at the waist

Blue ceremony dress with flowers on the bust

An equally special choice will be the short dress with the code L2326, an eccentric blue dress designed for girls starting with the age of 12 months and up to 5 years. The straps of the dress are wide, made of transparent tulle, and the bust of the dress is decorated with roses. There is a generous frill at the waist, and the skirt located at the bottom is closed.

  • Long blue ceremony dress with flowers on the sleeves & tulle ruffle at the waist

Long blue ceremony dress with flowers on the sleeves

The long, blue dress is a beautiful tulle dress that will not be easily overlooked. The shoulders are decorated with 3D flowers, while the waist is provided with a detailed frill that accentuates and balances the proportions of your princess. With this dress suitable from the age of 5 to 9 years, which you can find in several sizes, your girl will easily turn into one of the most special bridesmaids.

  • Cream ceremony dress with tulle ruffle on the shoulders

Cream ceremony dress with tulle ruffle on the shoulders

The beautiful cream dress will put your little one in the center of attention thanks to the multitude of frills with which she is endowed, both at the level of the shoulders and at the level of the dress in a closed style. The waist is marked by a wide band, and the back is one of effect thanks to the generously sized bow.

  • Pink ceremony dress with flowers on the bust & tulle ruffle at the waist

Pink ceremony dress with flowers on the bust

We end this top presentation of the special Lungu brand dresses with the help of the short tulle dress present on AnneBebe with the code L2326. This pink dress has a fitted cut and is decorated with 3D tulle flowers, but also with frills at the waist. Due to its beauty, it will easily become the star piece of your wardrobe.

Pamina Collection - Princess style with opulent dresses made of delicate fabrics

Pamina is not lower either, a brand that offers beautiful dresses for girls from 12 months of age through AnneBebe . The accessorizing of Pamina dresses is more delicate than that of the Lungu collection, but it excels in terms of refinement, finesse and the precious materials from which the dresses are designed. Here are some recommendations from this collection.

  • Cream ceremony dress with pink & blue stripes, short sleeve

Cream ceremony dress with pink stripes

The Pamina dress in clos with pink and blue pastel stripes beautifully highlights the innocent and playful personalities. It is a wonderful dress designed for girls between the ages of 4 and 8 years, there are different sizes from which you can choose the perfect one for your little one. Being made of 100% cotton, wearing it will turn into a real, comfortable pleasure.

  • Organza ceremony dress with brocade stripes, pink flower print & ivory bolero

Organza ceremony dress with brocade stripes and pink flower print

Precious and special is also the brocade dress made with fine and skin-friendly cotton interior, with a wonderful floral print on the outside. The dress does not have sleeves, but it complements perfectly with the ivory bolero it comes with.

  • Ceremony dress ivory bust unicorn print & Tull skirt & sleeves

Ivory bust ceremony dress with unicorn print

This dress is perfect for those who want to feel like real ballerinas. The satisfaction of princesses between the ages of 2 and 6 will be ensured by the white tulle dress, provided with a wonderful design on the upper part with unicorns and other brightly colored shapes. It will give your little girl a feeling of well-being with every wear given the delicacy and comfort provided by the premium materials.

  • Cream satin ceremony dress with collar with pearls & crystals & bow at the waist

Cream satin ceremony dress with pearl collar

The cream satin dress conquers with its simplicity and elegance. The closed model benefits from collars decorated with pearls, a detail that can also be found on the waist bow. It is addressed to girls who have reached the age of 12 months, but on AnneBebe you can also find the version for young ladies who have reached the beautiful age of 5 years.

  • Ivory ceremony dress with shades of blue pink & pastel yellow with a bow at the waist

Ivory ceremony dress with shades of blue pink

Designed for girls with sensitive skin, but also for those who want to be the center of attention, this multi-colored dress, in pastel shades, will turn into love at first sight. The slightly puffy sleeves perfectly complement the rich skirt, while the bow at the waist harmonizes it properly, giving any young lady a look worthy of many compliments.

In conclusion, Lungu and Pamina, the two new brand collections with dresses for the smallest and most delicate bridesmaids, will help the little girls to have a special appearance when they present themselves at different ceremonies, they stand out both by the special design, but also by the fine and quality materials.