Born in a pandemic. Babies and COVID-19

The arrival of the baby in the world is a unique moment for parents and family, but the times we live in now due to the COVID-19 pandemic make this experience a trying one. Besides the beauty and tenderness of newborns, the first decade of life has a special importance for their health.

Although, according to statistics, those born during the pandemic and small babies do not represent one of the most vulnerable categories in front of the COVID-19 virus, babies are fragile; they need special attention and care, outdoor walks, safe play and a propitious, beneficial and positive atmosphere, which will allow them to develop harmoniously, physically and mentally. Not even the christening service of newborns is the same anymore, because adults have to be more cautious, and parents and godparents go from the lavish party they dreamed of (and maybe even planned) to a small gathering .

For those born during the pandemic and for new parents, this period is a very special one.

During this period, children form their own immune system, and their small body fights against natural or anthropogenic factors, giving rise to strong antibodies that strengthen and protect them against external factors that threaten their health.

Given the exceptional situation in which humanity currently finds itself, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, for mothers who have recently given birth, a period full of challenges in the relationship with their babies is foreseen. It is more important than ever for parents to carefully care for their babies, both indoors and outdoors, to provide them with a safe and favorable environment for harmonious growth. The decisions you make now for the well-being and health of the baby can considerably influence its development.

The appropriate care for our little ones starts from the baby's hygiene, but it is also related to the way in which the things with which he comes into contact are chosen and maintained (especially if he is to be baptized). Here are some recommendations for protecting babies from the coronavirus, through the choices you make for the baby's room, newborn clothes, baby furniture, newborn crib, bedding, hygiene accessories for babies).

How to protect your baby from the Coronavirus?

Hygiene has always been important for babies, but today, when we no longer have even the certainty that the air we breathe is safe for our lungs, the hygiene of little ones becomes critical. It is preferable that after any contact with the outside, the baby is changed and washed, after the responsible parent has disinfected and changed clothes beforehand. It is important to have and use only quality clothes and textile materials. The baby's room must be nicely organized, ergonomic, pleasant, so that you always have the necessary products for cleaning and care at hand.

In the online store, we offer you a lot of original and safe ideas to be able to arrange a baby's room like in a beautiful fairy tale - a little refuge, where you know that you and your baby are safe, away from threats a powerful virus that turned an entire world upside down.

With us you will find a lot of solutions for all the essentials your baby needs - from textiles and children's clothes, to pieces of furniture and accessories for everyday life or for baptism: baby costume, newborn set , cots, chests of drawers, wardrobes for babies, cot carriages and other toys suitable for small children, baby bedding and pillows.

Baby clothes and protection against Covid 19

The clothes for babies and the other textile materials that you can find with us are carefully selected and created from organic materials, compatible with the delicate skin of the baby. See the most beautiful casual clothes, girly dresses, organic clothes, organic cotton accessories. Clothes made of organic materials will be easy to sanitize and will retain their appearance and qualities, even after several washes.

Organic materials, such as organic cotton, are famous for their increased compatibility with sensitive skin, for comfort and durability, as well as for the fact that they do not allow the development of a bacterial environment. In this way, you can prevent the spread of germs and viruses in the environment and contact with the baby's skin or face, something that can otherwise influence his immunity and health. The use of porous textiles that attack and irritate the skin or sanitizing with strong agents can sensitize babies even more in the fight against different bacteria and the Corona virus.

Baby hygiene and protection against Covid 19

The baby's hygiene must also be appropriate, not aggressive, but rather, meticulous and attentive.

Every part of the body must be carefully sanitized, with light movements, with appropriate solutions for babies, and afterwards the skin will be wiped by light dabbing.

Babies' manicure also has an important word to say, given the fact that these small children are real explorers and put their hands on all the things around them. It is not excluded that in a moment of inattention the baby comes into contact with different viruses and bacteria that find the perfect environment for development and coexistence under their angles. Babies have developed a real habit of putting their fingers in their mouths or rubbing their hands in front of them, so the risk of infection is increased. That's why the baby kit can be of great help.

The baby's kit contains all the tools necessary for parents to properly sanitize their hands and shorten the nails simply and quickly, without pain, so as to prevent their own bodily harm caused by large nails or infection with various viruses.

Baby kit

Choice of accessories and protection against Covid 19

Bed accessories (cot mattresses, baby linens, newborn canopies, children's toys) protect babies against unpleasant incidents and create a comfortable feeling for a restful sleep. The baby will then gradually build that temptation to research and discover new things. He will begin to acquire the first skills towards the first steps. The " escape" instinct will be triggered, and the baby can take it for a walk around the house and may come involuntarily into contact with a series of possibly contaminated things.

The right accessories, such as toys placed above the crib, the presence of a canopy or a protection for the crib will contribute to the creation of a safe, hygienic and healthy space for the little one.

Ultimately, the choices you make for your baby's routine (baby clothes, furniture for newborns, accessories and hygiene products for babies) can make the difference between a harmful environment, vulnerable to the coronavirus and a safe, healthy, favorable environment the growth and development of babies born during the pandemic.