Autumn is the opportune time to refresh your little ones' wardrobe and to add charming new clothes to their everyday outfits. As the temperatures start to drop day by day, that time of the year has arrived when you will have to think about the comfort of your property, isn't it?

Beautiful outfit ideas for children - with pieces from the new collection

fall winter mayoral dress for girls

Here are the most interesting pieces to which you can direct your attention in the current season and how you can create the most beautiful outfits for children!

1. Choose cardigans for the thermal comfort of the little ones

The autumn weather is quite unpredictable, and a blue knitted cardigan with a fur collar should not be missing from children's clothing. According to the designers, in the autumn months you can opt for clothes that you can layer.

Blue Knitted Cardigan with Fur Collar

For example, you can dress your little girl with a cotton T-shirt and a cardigan on top. If the temperature becomes more and more pleasant during the afternoon, she will be able to take off her cardigan and stay in her T-shirt, enjoying thermal comfort at any time of the day.

The cardigans have a soft and pleasant texture, and the blue shade will highlight the beauty and delicacy of any girl.

Also, the fur collar is not only very warm, but gives this piece an extra touch of style, turning every little girl into a mini-fashionista. It is interesting that such a cardigan is as versatile as possible, being easy to integrate into everyday outfits, but also when the little one takes part in a special event, such as a birthday or a party with the theme of autumn.

fall winter clothes mayoral children

2. Cream shirt, a must-have in children's wardrobes

The cream shirt is considered a must have for both girls and boys. With a minimalist design, it can be very easy to combine with other pieces, such as jeans or pleated skirts, in the case of little girls.

For example, you can dress the little one with a cream shirt with beige embroidery and a pleated skirt in a beautiful shade of brown, and the result will be as expected. The collar of the shirt will add style to the outfit, and the little girl will feel wonderful when she goes to kindergarten or when she takes part in a party, why not?

cream shirt with beige embroidery

Autumn is that time of the year when you turn your attention to pastel shades, which will make you think of the transition of nature and the leaves that are already starting to fall with each passing day of the calendar.

Do not forget to include shirts or blouses in shades of beige, brown, light cream or burgundy in the outfits of the little ones, because these colors fit perfectly with the time of year in which we are.


3. Knitted vests, always a good idea in the fall season

The month of September not only brings with it a new beginning, but it is also an excellent opportunity to give free rein to creativity in terms of clothing design for children. How about buying your little girl a mustard knitted vest from the Mayoral collection?

mustard knit vest

This piece becomes the point of interest in any outfit, thanks to the shade that makes you think of autumn harvests.

In addition to the aesthetic side, knitted vests prove to be excellent for maintaining thermal comfort on cool days, which can only delight any parent who thinks about the well-being of their little one.

What's more, the frills on the top of the vest add extra beauty to this piece, making it ideal for girls passionate about fashion from an early age.


4. Pleated skirts, the benchmark for stylish girls

As a parent, you want to give your child the best and most beautiful, and this aspect is also reflected in the clothing choices you make for him. When you are in the position of mother of a little girl, you notice the multitude of clothes that are more and more interesting, and among them are the Mayoral pink pleated skirts .

Pink Pleated Skirt 4903 Mayoral

It is interesting that pleated skirt models offer little ones freedom of movement, being suitable for playful moments or for those special occasions when you want your little girl to look like a real princess.

What's more, the pastel shade of pink adds freshness and cheerfulness to the outfit, the skirt being easy to match with a white shirt or a long-sleeved blouse.

If the weather is not on your side, then you can add a pair of warm socks or a soft and comfortable jacket to the girl's outfit, and the result will be downright adorable.


5. Skinny jeans, versatile pieces that can easily be integrated into daily outfits

Jeans are indispensable from the "children's pants" category, due to the fact that they are comfortable and practical for everyday wear. This autumn, the models of skinny jeans with floral print for girls are in great demand, precisely because they have a unique design and add a touch of originality to a look.

floral print skinny jeans for girls

What is good to know is the fact that the materials also ensure the comfort of the little ones.

The jeans are made of very good quality materials, such as cotton, a very important aspect when it comes to children's clothing, because they have sensitive skin and need clothes that are as comfortable as possible, which they can easily wear to kindergarten , in the park or whenever they take part in a certain type of event.

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All this being said, autumn comes with news in terms of clothing design for children. Update your child's wardrobe and make the right choices, and he will look and feel great every day!

Don't forget to ask him for his opinion too, because it is important to include him in the process of buying clothes, in order to also discover his preferences when it comes to shades, textures and models.