Kity Kate clothes and accessories

Caring for our little ones is a major one, especially if you are with your first child. The emotion grows with the birth of each baby, but also with the purchase of the necessary accessories, when making the maternity luggage, setting up the baby's room, etc.

KitiKate is a new brand that welcomes you to discover it with confidence at Camera Bebelusului, which exclusively includes premium quality items.

KitiKate: Trendy organic cotton clothes

Babies surprise with their natural beauty. And the right accessories give you the opportunity to help them with all the elements they need to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

KitiKate has many products made of organic cotton , which is much more pleasant to the touch than regular cotton, but just as durable, sustainable and ensures increased comfort, especially in the warm season, giving the skin the opportunity to breathe more easily and prevent the appearance of sweating, respectively of irritations. Replying to @Creative Anomalies ♬ Cute - Aurel Surya Lie

The KitiKate philosophy

KitiKate is a brand that was born in Prague, Czech Republic, about 30 years ago, from the desire to offer little ones all the necessary accessories in the first period of their life (and not only), without compromising the health of the environment or the of children.

Thus, in a world where the use and limitation of natural resources is threatened by global pollution due to synthetic textiles that end up in trash cans, KitiKate exclusively offers ecologically certified items, designed with mastery and attention to detail in its own workshop. In this way, KitiKate textiles are durable, but also pleasant, successfully passing the tests to which they were subjected, as well as the demands of parents or children.

The small business has developed over time, so that KitiKate has now become one of the biggest competitors on the market, which in 2019 revolutionized the production of articles for babies and children, by changing the entire technological flow and the exclusive production of articles 100% organic cotton.

Thus, these practical accessories have obtained GOTS certification - the Global Standard for organic textiles. KitiKate products contain a minimum percentage of 95% organic cotton fibers (less processed and more natural than plain cotton) and a maximum of 5% in the case of parts that require more flexibility.

KitiKate - a new sustainable brand at the Baby Room

AnneBebe offers you various KitiKate items intended for newborns, but also for children up to 18 months old.

You will find with us overalls, bodysuits, dresses, knitted plaids, beds, cardigans, maternity sets or the ideal bag for the period spent at maternity and walking, etc.

You will fall in love from the first second with the KitiKate items that provide you with the ideal gift for baptism or show perfect care for his sensitive skin. All mothers who have discovered the KitiKate universe so far are absolutely delighted with the comfort offered by organic cotton items.

Come and discover them yourself, in the showroom or online! 👩‍🍼Jumpsuit or 2-piece set? What do you prefer for your baby? ❤️ ✨All clothes are made of delicate materials with the baby's sensitive skin ✨Easy to put on/undress, without creating discomfort for the little one ✔️ #hainebebe #hainutebebelusi ♬ Cute cartoon sound(811500) - tomatom