The baptismal nose diary

It's like you remember how special the moment was! Of course, somewhere inside you, it was expected to receive this question, because your relationship has always been close, but that didn't make either of you less emotional.

You said "Yes!", with all your heart and you promised yourself that you would do everything in your power not to disappoint them. You promised yourself to be there for them, no matter what happens and to be with them with good advice, no matter what choice they make.
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You lived wonderful moments, at the wedding of your relatives, and when you found out that the baby is coming, you all cried with emotion. And now, prepare for the baptism of the little one! A very important moment, which you want to make as special as possible!

The role of baptismal priests

Making this decision is not easy for new parents. The choice of godparents is among the most important decisions that parents have to make, when it comes to the well-being of the child, because godparents are, in fact, the children's spiritual parents.
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In principle, parents choose as parents family friends with whom they have very good relations, because, in this way, there is already a connection between them. The basic idea is for godparents to actively express their desire to be with the married couple. And a friendship relationship, in which godparents help their children with important life advice, is the ideal one.

The child's godparents will shoulder a very big responsibility, if they accept this status, because becoming the child's spiritual parent means guiding them in life and giving them the best advice. - you could give Godparents are not only some people present at the baptism, first of all, next to the priest and parents, but they are the ones who will be present next to the little one, throughout his journey in this life.
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So, make sure, as a parent, that the chosen godparents are the most suitable for your baby to become a man! A complete, fair man, with common sense and a good soul!

The mystery of baptism in the Orthodox religion. What is the role of noses?

Sometimes, the choice of noses is even more difficult than usual, because not everyone can be the nose or godmother of the child. In addition to the personal requirements that the godparents must fulfill, they must also respect the rules that the church imposes.
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Here's what you need to know about these church norms! These are the most frequently encountered questions that parents ask themselves, before making the big choice.

Who can be a baptismal nose?

In the Orthodox religion, one of the duties of baptismal priests is to offer spiritual guidance to the little one. They must contribute, together with the parents, to laying the foundations of the child's religious education and, therefore, a primary condition when it comes to the possibility of being a priest, is that the person in question should himself be baptized in the tradition orthodox
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The main reason why the godparents must also be baptized is that, during the sacrament of the baby's baptism, the godparents must confess, on behalf of the child, their faith in God.

Do godparents have to be married?

As far as christening noses are concerned, the rules are not as strict as in the case of wedding noses. The baptismal nose can even be one person, but at the same time there can be several pairs of noses, because this is not prohibited either.

What is forbidden, however, is for the nose to still be a child. Any adult person, even an unmarried one, can become a baptismal priest, but only as long as he himself has reached maturity. As I specified previously, godparents are the ones who guide the child in life. And a child cannot be guided by another child, who is also still developing.
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The future baptismal nose must be an already mature person, who can make well-thought-out decisions and offer support. A child cannot have such maturity and, because he too is in the stage of growth and knowledge, he might be more concerned with his course in life, than that of the end. That is precisely why, for the status of nose, only an adult person can be chosen.

Is it mandatory for the wedding godparents to also be baptismal ?

For various reasons, there is the possibility that wedding godparents cannot or even do not want to be baptismal godparents. At the same time, there is a possibility that the parents of the little one may want other godparents for him, than those who married them.
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The reasons can be as diverse as possible. There is a possibility that the relationship between the parents and the godparents will cool down, that new relationships will be born with even closer people, or it may simply be that the godparents cannot be present for other reasons. Whatever the option, however, you must know that there is no obligation for the godparents of the wedding to also be the godparents of the baptism.

So, if you are determined to name other christening godfathers, different from the wedding ones, you must know that this is possible. However, the news must be dressed in a beautiful way, in such a way that even the godparents of the wedding are not upset.

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How is Orthodox baptism carried out? What do godparents do during baptism?

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In the case of Orthodox baptism, the godparents are very important, because they are the ones who confess, on behalf of the child, faith in God.

The service begins with the prayers of the priest, followed by the confession of faith by the godfather or godmother, as the case may be. In the Orthodox tradition, the child is held in the arms during the service by the godfather or godmother, depending on the gender of the child.

If this is a boy, he will be held in his arms by his nose. If it is a girl, she will be held by the godmother. Once the godfather or godmother confesses their faith and follows the priest's instructions, the baptism service begins.

The first step is to sanctify the water in the baptismal font, where the child is to be immersed. After the consecration, the priest anoints the child and puts him in the water 3 times, and then wraps him in the myrrh cloth.
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In a ritual way, the priest will wash his hands after all this procedure, and then perform the anointing. After the anointing, the godmother, together with the mother, dresses the little one, after which the godfathers and the priest go around the table and the christening 3 times.

Of course, throughout these stages, the priest will continue to say prayers or read various passages from Holy Scripture.

After going around, it follows that the priest sprinkles the corners of the baptism stage and the baby's face, a process called washing the baby. Then a lock of the little one's hair will be cut, the lock that will be put in the baptismal font. The service ends with the sharing of the child.
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The mystery of baptism in the Catholic religion. What is the role of noses?

Although it may seem very different, in reality there are many similarities between Orthodox and Catholic baptism, due to the fact that the two Churches essentially belong to a single religion, namely, the Christian one. However, there are some differences between the two events.

In the case of Catholic baptism, the priest does not carry out all the mysteries that take place during Orthodox baptism, more precisely he does not perform the anointing, and certain procedures take place in a slightly different way.

In the case of Catholic baptism, the event is divided into two parts, one that will take place at a young age of the child, somewhere around 40 days, and another, which can take place in a few years, in the vast majority of the time, on at the age of about 12 years.

At the same time, there are other differences, for example that the priest will not immerse the baby in the baptismal font, as is the case with the Orthodox religion, but will only sprinkle the baby with holy water.

Also, another difference is that the godparents are no longer in the foreground during the baptism, but the parents. In the case of Catholic baptism, only the latter will dress the baby. Also, the mother is the one who will hold the baby during the service, not the godparents.

The Catholic baptism service, although it may seem similar, is quite simplified, which is why it is also much shorter in duration.

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What items will you need for a Catholic baptism?

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As I specified above, the two secrets are similar, therefore, the things you need will not be too different either. It will be necessary to have, first of all, baptismal candles , a cloth for diapering, and clothes for the baby .

To be sure that you have everything ready, you can even use a kit that contains them all . In addition to these objects, which are also necessary in the case of Orthodox baptism, a white shirt will also be needed.

This will be offered to the little one after being sprinkled with holy water and is a symbol of faith. Since the Savior was also dressed in white clothes, at the time of his placement in the tomb, the white of the shirt remains a symbol of purity and the power to cleanse sin.

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Is it necessary that the godparents are also Catholic?

An interesting thing about Christian baptism is that the godparents will no longer have to be baptized in this religion. So, if, for example, you were thinking of naming as parents some Orthodox religious perons, for example, in the case of the Catholic religion, you will not face any problems at baptism.

The only condition that is imposed, however, is that the godparents be baptized, regardless of the religion under which the sacrament of their baptism took place.

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How should godparents prepare for baptism?

Even if we are talking about different traditions, noses continue to be important both in terms of Orthodoxy and Catholicism, in both religions the status of the nose is equivalent to that of a spiritual parent.

The importance that godparents have, they will be able to put pressure on them. The honor of being a nose can also be a reason for stress. From the desire to get involved from the first days in the life of the little one, the godparents could worry a lot about the baptism and what exactly they need to buy.

However, godparents should focus on one thing, that of being with their parents and fully enjoying this moment with them. Parents, they must first of all prepare with patience and good advice.

Especially in the situation where they are older than their age and have already gone through the experience of a baptism, they are able to give advice related to organization to the new parents. They can get involved financially if they want to, but it is not necessary.

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Are there things that godparents need to buy?

In different areas of the country, very different customs have been created, related to the objects that "must" be bought by parents. In some areas you buy candles, in others the kit, but you should know that nothing is mandatory.

Most likely, over time, the godparents wanted to be more involved in the mystery of baptism, which is why they chose to give various objects to the new parents.

In certain areas, certainly, this action of offering something was so frequently encountered that it became a custom.
But, in reality, nothing "should". Rather, it takes place for the pleasure of making a nice gesture.

If you want to be actively involved and buy something for your child's christening, talk to the parents. But don't make it a stress. It is a pleasant event, which you must enjoy, because you meet it only once in your life!

If you have doubts about what you need to buy or what you need, you can even ask the priest who will officiate the baptism, but don't put a few items first. The sacrament of baptism is something of special spiritual importance, and it would be a sin to use too much energy on the necessary objects, instead of focusing on the joy of the moment and the emotional load it carries!