The crying of the baby - the weakness of any mother

For any mother, the crying of her child is a great weakness. Since we all love our babies enormously, we want to do it in such a way that they never feel sadness or pain. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to please the little one, especially when he cannot tell you what exactly bothers him.

One of the problems that the little ones face is the heat. They can sweat excessively and, if they are dressed too thickly, or the temperature is too high in the room or outside, they can feel major discomfort and can even cause irritation. That's why, in general, the summer months for mothers with newborns or small babies are a real challenge.

How do you recognize irritation caused by heat?

Heat irritation occurs when the baby's skin cannot breathe properly, therefore, it will appear in places where the baby's clothes were too tight or in the folds formed by the skin or in the area where the diaper was placed. They can even appear on the head, if the hats, caps or caps you put on the little one are too tight.

These irritations are not serious, and to distinguish them from other types of irritation, you must know that the areas affected by this are bright red, without other bumps.

Are heat irritations a cause for concern or not?

The simple redness of the baby's skin does not, in itself, do any harm. However, redness is a sign of thermal discomfort. That's why, when irritations appear regularly, his skin shows you concretely, that you need to change something, so that the baby is no longer warm.

Irritations caused by heat are harmless as long as their cause is stopped. However, when the redness persists, the baby may become dehydrated due to the heat or even cardiac fatigue may occur. For these reasons, it is necessary to keep in check the irritations caused by the heat.

The role of clothes in keeping the baby's skin healthy

When you are too hot and you are dressed too thickly, or with clothes in which you feel that your skin is not breathing, you have the feeling that you are suffocating. Clothes are particularly important to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed. And this also happens in the case of babies.

As long as they are properly dressed, they are calm and relaxed. On the other hand, clothes that are too thick, or made of rough materials that cause irritation or that do not let their skin breathe, will make them cry out of frustration. So, if you want to have a quiet baby when it's hot outside, make sure you dress him in something light and made of a thin and soft material.

What are the most suitable materials for baby clothes in summer?

Although many clothes are classified as "for babies", they are not, in reality, friendly at all to their sensitive skin. When you choose your little one's clothes, you must consider that they are not made of synthetic materials, so that his skin does not suffer.

Linen clothes for babies

One of the materials recommended for the warm season is linen. Linen is a material made from the plant with the same name as fabric and is a natural material, loved by everyone during the summer, because it absorbs moisture very quickly and gives a cooling sensation.

Linen clothes not only absorb moisture quickly, but release it just as quickly, and this makes this material ideal for babies. Such clothes help your little one not sweat and protect him from the heat, because linen is also a very good thermal insulator.

Besides all this, linen has another very important quality when it comes to the sensitive skin of babies, namely, the fact that it is a hypoallergenic material.

Muslin clothes and diapers for babies

Another "famous" material during the summer when it comes to baby clothes is muslin. A material made of cotton, muslin has as its main feature the fact that its fabric is very airy and very fine. Muslin, like linen, is a natural material, friendly to the baby's skin.

Being a natural material, strongly absorbent of moisture, it is ideal in summer, when the baby sweats a lot. Diapers and muslin clothes will help him stay away from itching, bumps, excessive sweating and discomfort due to heat.

What are our recommendations for linen and muslin clothes?

When it comes to little girls, in the summer, it would be a shame not to dress them in dresses! Since it's hot outside, always choose to dress your little girl in the thinnest clothes possible, with short-sleeved t-shirts, short pants and dresses. Don't be afraid that the skin remains exposed! If you are warm enough to stay in shorts, the baby is definitely too!

A muslin dress like the one below from USPA will surely make your little one feel comfortable when you go for a walk with her.

slinky dress

Also, if you want something more elegant, you can opt for a linen dress, like this one from Mayoral with panties included.

green linen dress with panties

And when it comes to boys, you have to take into account the type of material but also the occasion for which you dress them. For walks in the park or for everyday wear, muslin clothes, a soft material, are recommended. For outfits for events of any kind, linen clothes are indicated, they have a more "noble" air, linen being generally used to create somewhat more elegant clothes.

In the case of an everyday outfit, an option for boys could be this one from USPA.

uspa boys overalls

Also, if you want to find something more elegant, made of linen, your boy would probably like a jumpsuit like this, shirt and shorts from Mayoral.

linen shirt and shorts

Whether it's for girls or boys, linen and muslin must remain the "trendy" materials during the summer, because they help them escape the suffering caused by the heat. So, during the summer, try to make your baby's wardrobe consist mostly of clothes made from these materials!

Don't forget, the first important thing is for the baby to feel good, and only then to look good! At the same time, don't think that, taking only linen and muslin clothes, he will have few clothes. You have a lot of gorgeous options made of linen or muslin, suitable for any age, even on Annebebe!

And something else. On our website and in Annebebe stores you can find diapers made of muslin, bamboo muslin, so recommended for newborns and small babies. Congratulations that you are looking for the most natural and safe solutions for your child.

muslin diapers

muslin diapers mommy and baby

muslin cloth diapers

Mom, I hug you with love,

The Annebebe team