The most important sacrament is represented by the Sacrament of Holy Baptism. In the Catholic Church, this rite is considered to be the first step towards spiritual life, a ceremony with real meaning towards entering the Christian life and moving away from original sin. Also, Baptism is seen as a means, a way and a method by which man receives grace from God and eternal life.

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Is there any difference between Catholic and Orthodox baptism?

A Catholic baptism does not differ much from an Orthodox one, but there are several steps that must be strictly followed for the preparation, planning and smooth running of the great event. The common point of the two is primarily given by the fact that the service takes place in the place of worship, and the Sacrament of Holy Baptism is formalized by the priest, the church servant.

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What is the first step in preparing for Catholic baptism?

Preparing for baptism is a very important and significant moment, both in the life of the parents and of the child's parents. This preparation must be done with full desire and spiritual, respectively soulful openness. Choose in advance the church where you want the ceremony to take place, the date and time. Check the requirements and prepare the necessary documents for baptism. Reflect on the Baptism ritual and fully understand its importance. Choose with an open heart the godparents, the future spiritual parents of the child and make sure that they will assume this role.

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When can the child be baptized by Catholics?

The child can be baptized at any time, because there is no longer a recommendation to pass the 40 days necessary for the possibility of the child's mother entering the church. Catholic baptism is usually practiced at an early age, because it is considered to be the most optimal way to ensure the child's entry into life and the Christian community, from an early age.

However, the Catholic Church allows baptism to be performed at older ages, that is, when a person is decided to convert to Catholicism. In this case, before being baptized, the person must prepare spiritually, to understand very well the meaning of the rite and to prepare his heart for receiving the divine grace.

The child does not receive all the sacraments from the start, which is why the completion for the process of entering the Christian community, i.e. "confirmation", takes place when the Christian turns 12 years old.

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Can the child have more than one pair of noses?

Yes! The existence of several pairs of noses is accepted, and they can have any religion, the important thing is that they be baptized.

How does the christening service take place? What is the Catholic Baptism ritual?

From the moment they enter the church, parents are asked about the name of the child to be christened. The ceremony begins with a prayer and an invocation of the Holy Spirit, to help those present to receive the sacrament in an adequate way. The priest, with his thumb, symbolically makes the sign of the cross on the child's forehead, prays and anoints the little one with Holy oil. It continues with the service and the blessing of the Baptismal water, the renunciation of sin and Satan, followed by the recitation of the Creed prayer.

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The baby is not immersed in the baptismal font, but is sprinkled or water is poured on its crest. This ritual is accompanied by prayers and anointing with holy oil. The ceremony ends with another prayer by the priest for the child, his parents and his family, followed by a blessing of all those present or those who wish to speak.

What role do the godparents have in the christening service? What about the parents?

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The godparents must provide support during the service, but do not actually participate in the preparation and swaddling of the little one. The parents are the ones who bring the child to church, the mother is the one who holds him in her arms, and this emphasizes the idea of ​​the importance of the parents in the life of the little Christian.

How long does the job last?

The job is very simplified, not at all complex. This differs from priest to priest, but it can last between 15-50 minutes on average and can be personalized by parents, grandparents or priest through various speeches and blessings.

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What are the necessary objects for the Sacrament of Catholic Baptism?

There is a list of things that must not be missing on the day of christening, among which we list:

  1. The candle, the symbol of light. In the Catholic Church, Baptism is considered the Holy Light. Therefore, the candle further conveys the idea of ​​the child's spiritual enlightenment. This can be customized depending on the sex of the baby, the preferences of the parents or guardians and the theme. It stays lit during the service so that the future life of the little one is guided and abounds in light.
  2. The white shirt, the symbol of purity and renewal
  3. The container for the Holy water of Baptism
  4. Box for hair strands
  5. The baptism kit that includes all the necessary accessories: the myrrh cloth, the towel for the priest and the baby, the myrrh bottle, the baptism mask, the glycerin soap
  6. Baptism clothes

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How to dress the little one on the day of Baptism?

There are a multitude of options that you can choose from for the most important day in your little one's life.
In general, Catholic baptism clothes for children consist of a white dress for girls and a white suit for boys. The clothes must be accessible, easy to put on and take off, practical and made of a quality material that does not irritate the baby's skin.

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It is also important that the child's clothes are clean, freshly washed and sanitized before the significant ceremony takes place. It is recommended that they be made of a fine and delicate material, friendly to the baby's skin, such as silk or cotton, and also be adorned with lace or other decorative details for added elegance. ( See here )