Baptism is perhaps the most important event in the life of a family. It marks the beginning of the journey in life of the little angels and the emotions and hopes of the parents and other family members.

Baptism - a story full of emotions

We at AnneBebe know how important it is that the baptism goes as well as possible, and that its organization reflects the love, care and joy you invest in the event.

The church, the priest, the way the ceremony is officiated, the kit, the child's outfit, the outfits of the family members and the venue and the details there are all very important elements for the good performance of the baptism that requires the attention of the parents.

We are here to help with a varied range of products for children and we are sure that with us you will find inspiration and the perfect items for your little one's christening.

Because we know that you want the baby's outfit to be unique, we suggest the vintage style for inspiration. Vintage and retro clothes belong to the last century and although we see a return to the lines of that period in clothes for adults, in the area of ​​children's clothes the emphasis is still on colors and modernity. But what would it be like to have vintage-inspired clothes combining the elegance and sophisticated lines of retro style with the fresh notes of current trends?

Vintage proposals for girls

Ivory Swan Lace Dress

Such a proposal is represented by the Izvory Lebada Dress with lace and popcorn . This dress model perfectly illustrates the vintage lines and the elegance of the style, but at the same time keeps the modern and jovial notes.

It has short sleeves, which gives the dress a fresh air, but the precious lace reminds of the elegant vintage style. With this christening dress , your little girl will look like a real princess.

lace baptism dress

Another proposal that integrates perfectly in this style is the Ivory dress with lace collar and frills . This dress is carefully made of cotton and has short sleeves. The lace offers a precious touch to the dress, the quality of the cotton reminds of the quality of vintage products, and the collar perfectly complements the sophisticated and vintage air.

The inspiration doesn't stop here because another model that seems torn from the heyday of the vintage style is the Manuela Cappuccino Dress with three rows of lace . The long sleeves seem to have come from that era, and the attention to detail and the volume given by the three rows of lace are also elements of the same style.

Vintage baptism dress

Vintage proposals for boys

You can apply this special and elegant style also in boys' clothing because on the website you will find a varied selection of products that will inspire you to choose the perfect outfit.

vintage christening suit

Such a variant is given bythe Darius suit with checks . The suit consists of pants, body type shirt, jacket, vest, beret and bow tie and gives an elegant and sophisticated look to the outfit.

The delicate material, the bow tie and the vest add a vintage and sober touch to the outfit, while the jacket keeps current and modern cuts.

traditional baby baptism costume

Another ingenious variant of clothing for boys is represented by the Traditional Shirt and Pants Suit . The costume is made of delicate cotton, perfect for the baby's skin and contains traditional elements that remind of beautiful but bygone times. This suit departs from the patterns we are used to for baptism and offers a fresh and delicate touch to the outfit.

Boy's vintage christening suit

Another vintage inspired model perfect for christening is the Achilles Suit . The costume consists of pants, body type shirt, vest, jacket, bow tie and cap. The vest and beret are the central elements that transform the outfit into one of vintage inspiration, and the cut of the pants and jacket denote modern and chic lines.

On the website you will find a range of carefully chosen products with a lot of love and care so that the event will be as successful as possible, and the babies will feel comfortable in the light and quality materials that we choose for each outfit.