Even though we live in a modern world where tastes change day by day and more and more latest generation options appear, especially when it comes to clothes, trends and baptism clothing items, some families remain quite reserved when it comes to of their choice, opting more carefully for clothes with a design inspired by popular wear.

traditional baptism chest

Some consider that such families are old-fashioned. Meanwhile, the parents and godparents who make such a decision say that wearing a traditional costume or a set of modern clothes reinterpreted in a popular style is a unique way to turn their baptism day into a truly memorable event.

The truth is that everyone is free to choose which style best suits their son or child, the choice of clothing for baptism being a rather personal subject. There is no such thing as wrongly chosen clothing, only choices that delight us now and in years to come, through beautiful memories.

traditional christening kit

In addition, really, in a world where the vast majority run after the most sumptuous christening clothes, detached from everyday life, the events in traditional Romanian style are of a special sophistication that have conquered even the peoples across the border. Therefore, a baptism in the Romanian themed style is a perfect choice if you want a special, unforgettable event, where the star will of course be the little one who takes the first steps towards life and Christianity.

What does a traditional baptism outfit look like?

Even if you have lived all your life in Romania and consider that you already know the traditions very well, especially if you are part of those families that still use to dress up in popular costumes on Sundays at church or that put into practice everything inherited from previous generations, for the organization of a baptism in traditional style, a lot of attention is needed so that everything turns out perfectly.

The child's outfit is in the foreground, he being the center of attention. For little girls, we recommend the Victoria lace dress, which presents absolutely all the elements that the little one needs to give her that bohemian, vintage air that our traditions reflect. It is an ivory dress with many overlapping frills, romantic and elegant, which will successfully highlight her.

vintage christening dress

The boys will be downright charming in the traditional 2- or 3-piece suits, with a cotton shirt and trousers, respectively a vest, provided with traditional embroidered motifs. The clothes from AnneBebe are made of the best quality cotton so that the fragile skin of the babies can enjoy perfect comfort both at the actual ceremony and at the party afterwards.

popular costume for baptism

The outfits can be completed by shoes or comfortable shoes, crowns with wildflowers or headbands in contrast, but also bow ties according to the traditional style in red, yellow and blue, red and black or other suitable combinations.

Details you need to consider for organizing a baptism in traditional style

So that everything fits perfectly down to the last detail, it is advisable to make a perfect match between the preparation of the space at the church, at the restaurant or in the location where you will later serve the meal, with the little one's outfit.

traditional candle for baptism

For example, you can create a 100% traditional popular event considering that all guests, especially parents and godparents, should be dressed in traditional costumes.

The child's christening and outfit can be completed by a kit with similar elements or 1:1, and here, in the AnneBebe.ro stores, we offer you not only the opportunity to choose christening clothes in traditional style, but also complete kits with all the accessories necessary that you can embroider with the Christian's name for an even more special look.

traditional style baptism candle

Then, everything related to the decorative side, from fabrics to flowers, should be chosen according to the popular pattern. For example, you can opt for field flowers, tables decorated with embroidered girls in traditional style. The candle , indispensable in this special mystery, can also be specially arranged through various applications of popular inspiration. In addition, you can opt for a special menu, 100% Romanian, which is guaranteed to be appreciated by all the guests.

In the end, the event will certainly stand out with a lot of style, good taste and will remain in the memory of all those who choose to honor with their presence at the baptism as something from a folk tale.