Any parent or parent is very attentive to how they prepare their child for the big day - baptism. The details are well thought out, from the church to the way of organizing the party, so it is not surprising that the clothes of the little one should not be inferior.

christening suit for boys striped jacket

In addition to the fact that in their choice materials, appearance and price are taken into account, for parents and nanny, the clothes that the child will wear can be much more important. For example, did you know that you can assign a special meaning to each color and each detail present in the christening outfit? Here are some of the most controversial colors and shades, but also impressions regarding the details and the baptism ceremony in association with the outfits that the children wear.

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What meanings do the colors of baptism clothes have?

Color experts have come to the conclusion that, more than once, colors have proven to have a strong impact on mood. While some reflect purity, tranquility, innocence, others induce a gloomy state, sadness, agony or agitation.

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For baptism, it would be said that there is a tradition according to which the little ones must be dressed in white clothes. But this is a myth. Indeed, white inspires purity, innocence, i.e. all those characteristics that a newborn who barely explores the joys of life and who, from a religious point of view, is considered sinless.

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However, just because you have other preferences, it does not mean that the little one is less pure or that he will not receive spiritual grace through the sacrament of baptism. The colors are also chosen according to gender, for girls the most popular choice is the pieces in shades of pink, and for boys those in shades of green or blue.

elegant costume for baptism

Pink fully reflects the childish state, the romanticism and sensitivity that a child has. Or maybe, the godparents who choose the clothes for a little girl would really like to have been blessed with a little girl. Also, green represents the harmony of nature, of rebirth, which can be interpreted in terms of the mystery of baptism and the clothes chosen on this occasion as a new beginning of his life, especially since until the ceremony, many parents complain that the little one is agitated and ends up calming down once the baptism has taken place.

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Of course, dark colors should be avoided, especially black, which symbolizes death, aggression, etc. Or these are by no means the moods we want to convey when it comes to such an event, even if it's just a simple color frequently requested in the world of adult fashion.

What do the details present on the ceremonial children's clothes express?

The details present on the christening dresses or on the boys' costumes will easily highlight the little ones outlining the importance of the event.

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The fine and flawless seams that we have on the christening clothes that you can find on the AnneBebe website, along with the accessories in detail, help you more easily to create a perfect outfit without having to run left and right right to find some perfect christening clothes and the most suitable accessories.

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The quality materials and trendy prints show not only our love for the little ones and the enthusiasm with which both you and us participate in the most important event in your family's life. Implicitly, all the outfits denote elegance, refinement, outlining that idea of ​​newness, purity and the first and most beautiful steps in a new world where your child enjoys being christened and guided by angels, alongside his spiritual parents .

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On little girls, ruffles, lace and tulle represent the romance and delicacy that they exude, helping them to present themselves at church like real princesses writing a new page in the book of their lives.

Then, the boys reflect strength and elegance through the classic costumes, but especially when it comes to the thematic ones where you have the opportunity to choose between the musketeer costumes for the little heroes who fight in any situation, but also for the traditional ones.

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In addition, we also offer you the possibility to embroider the christening clothes or certain elements found in a kit, for example, with their name. This is a real proof of love towards the baptized little ones, but also a precious memory for the future.

In conclusion, nothing is chosen by chance when it comes to the baptism outfit. Every detail has a special meaning - from how the godparents see this responsibility to spiritually watch over the children and the feelings that this life evokes, to the love and care towards the children and how they are perceived in general.