Stylish clothes for children

We are in full season of events. During this period, most of the events take place such as: weddings, baptisms and other events of this kind, and the preparations are in full swing and represent an additional reason for shopping, especially shopping for the outfits of the little ones. We all know that children's clothes are always a delight and there are not a few occasions when we feel like we want to leave the store with all the clothes or fill the virtual basket with more cute and adorable clothes, and event clothes are no exception. in the "adorable" chapter

These special occasions are an opportunity to go with the little ones and dress them in elegant and special outfits.

On, we have prepared a whole selection of perfect ceremony outfits for the little ones and the slightly older ones, outfits that will turn them into the stars of the event and in which they will feel comfortable.

Our mission is to help you find the perfect outfits to make your little ones shine. We have carefully chosen products from delicate, light and premium quality materials and we are convinced that you will find clothes for all styles with us.

elegant dress

For us, adults, aesthetics is a crucial aspect and we often choose outfits by model, color or how they look overall, but, in addition to all these aspects, we at Anne Bebe put the quality of the materials first, and for us it is extremely important so that the little ones feel comfortable in our outfits and can play freely. Therefore, we combine with great love and care the comfort of the little ones through the quality of the materials and the aesthetics of the outfits by offering a range of special products, perfect for events.

In what follows, we have prepared some recommendations for children's outfits depending on the events and the children's age.

Recommendations event clothes for children

For little girls, you can opt for elegant dresses with tailored designs to make the little ones feel like princesses.

The Pamina dress is an inspired choice for any summer event. This dress has an elegant design and has decorative elements at the collar and a bow in the waist area. Moreover, it also has a large decoration bow at the back for added elegance, which makes it even more special.

Blue Flower Print Organza Dress 32041PR Pamina

The Ivory dress has a very elegant design and is perfect for a wedding outfit. The collar and ruffles add an elegant yet delicate touch, and the ruffles at the bottom add a childlike element to the outfit. The dress has short sleeves and is made of a light and delicate material for the little girl.

Ivory Pamina Colorful Flower Print Dress

Another suitable choice is the short pink dress with ruffles and lace . This dress has a special design with ruffles. which gives the outfit a sweet and childish air. The material is soft and loose, which will make wearing this dress very comfortable for the little girl.

Pink Dress Bust Cotton Skirt Ruffles Tull & Lace 32181PR Pamina

For a completely special appearance, we recommend the cyclamen dress with rhinestones and ruffles . This dress has a special design representing a splash of color among the classic outfits for such events. With a cyclamen top and a yellow bottom and tulle ruffles, it will definitely attract attention, and your little girl will feel like a real candy fairy.

Cilclamen Bust Dress With Rhinestones & Ruffles Tulle Yellow 323701CA Pamina

Keeping the colorful design, the following recommendation is the perfect choice for girls passionate about color and... ice cream. The colorful pink dress with a print imitating melted ice cream will help you to make a delicious appearance.

Cyclamen Dress With Tulle & Bag 323703CA Pamina

For a christening, outdoor wedding, garden party or any other event of this kind, you can opt for a pleated salmon dress . This dress has a flowy design, is light and delicate and is very loose, which will allow the little one to move around easily.

Pleated Salmon Dress Girl Mayoral 1915

Another perfect model for such events is the Ivory dress with double collar and lemon print or the dress with red and cloudy stripes . Both are perfect for summer and are loose and with a special design, which makes them perfect for wearing to such events.

Ivory Bust Sparta Embroidery Dress & Lemon Print Skirt 323601CA Pamina

Event clothes for boys

The boys' outfit is just as important, so we have chosen for them some recommendations to help them be the most handsome guests.

For an event such as a wedding, we recommend a suit with a checkered jacket and navy blue pants . The costume is made with great care and attention to details for a truly special look. The costume includes a checkered jacket, navy blue pants and a white shirt.

Blue Plaid Jacket Suit With White Shirt & Navy Blue Pants Boys 9606 Lemon

Another perfect suit for the event season is the suit with a gray jacket and navy trousers . This suit is ideal both for a wedding outfit and for baptism, having an elegant and casual look. The suit includes navy blue pants, gray jacket with navy blue, white shirt and bow tie.

Suit Navy Blue Jacket With Gray White Shirt With Bow Tie & Navy Blue Pants Boys 9602 Lemon

For a formal event or a very important one for you, you can opt for one of the most elegant outfits with the tuxedo suit . This suit represents an extremely elegant outfit that will surely attract all eyes.

The sober and elegant air of the tuxedo suit combined with the cheerfulness of the boy will guarantee a spectacular appearance for your boy. The suit contains pants, shirt, jacket and tie, and for extra effect you can add a vest to the outfit, which guarantees a truly elegant outfit.

Elegant 5-Piece Boy's Suit With Bow Tie And Navy Blue Waistcoat LaKids 1640

For more relaxed events or even outdoors, you can opt either for a suit with navy blue pants, a cream shirt and a beige jacket , or for a suit with a green jacket, cream shirt and beige pants . Both suits offer an elegant, but also relaxed vibe at the same time, and their colors are perfect for the warm season.

Suit Jacket Grena Cream Shirt & Navy Blue Pants Boys 13105 Baby

Children's clothes for special occasions

Regardless of whether you are looking for clothes for a girl or a boy or even both, we are waiting for you on the site with a selection of products carefully chosen for the comfort of children. Although elegant, the materials are delicate, light and comfortable, so that your children feel at ease in their chosen outfits and can enjoy events with you.

You can always complete the outfit with cute accessories for both girls and boys. From handbags, bows, hair accessories to bow ties and suspenders, you will find all the necessary elements for the perfect outfits with us.