Are you waiting for the discounts at the beginning of the year so that you can renew your baby or child? Well, the wait is over because until February 15, at Annebebe hundreds of products are at reduced prices. We are waiting for you in our stores or directly on the website to order something new for your child.

If you have been our customer for some time, you already know that here you can find a lot of ideas for children's clothes and various items, of the best quality. Your child is growing day by day and without you realizing it, he will turn into a teenager, and then, most likely, he will have the most important say in choosing the outfits he wears.

Until then, enjoy his/her childhood years and dress him/her with good taste. The clothes you choose are more important than you think. It protects him from the cold, helps him stay comfortable, instills in him an elegant style from an early age. You will inspire him to make quality choices, you will admire him every time you see him in new clothes, you will sigh when they remain small, but you will look confidently towards the next stage of his development.

Dress your child in style, take many photos that you can proudly put in the family album. Take care of your child's comfort and safety, opting for suitable clothes, soft, delicate for his skin, safe and comfortable.

Look at the final discounts we have prepared for you now on Annebebe.

- Baptism candles with 20% discount

baby baptism candles

Is the event for the christening of a boy or a girl coming up? Prepare as befits a caring nose, with beautiful and elegant baptismal candles. Our candles are special by their appearance, by the way they are thought in a certain theme. They can be dressed in beautiful materials and accessorized with plushies or sweet toys. We have baptism candles for girls and baptism candles for boys, and now you can order them 20% cheaper.

- Baby toys with 20% discount

annebebe baby toys

Toys are important for the little one, from the first months of life. We invite you to discover our offer of wonderful toys for babies, now 20% cheaper.

- Christening gifts with 20% discount

baby shower gifts

For the godparents, but also the guests who will soon arrive at a baptism (friends and relatives) we have prepared several gifts for baptism - photo frames, silver frames, boxes for the first strand, case for the birth certificate.

For baptism gifts CLICK HERE

- Christening kits with 10% discount

annebebe christening kits

We have a lot of ideas for christening kits for girls and boys, with beautiful themes - the little prince, the little ballerina, butterflies, unicorn, the little sailor, the little princess, etc. All are created with great love and care in the Annebebe workshop, taking into account the feedback we constantly receive from our customers, as well as the trends in baptism fashion for the little ones.

For baptism kits CLICK HERE

- Up to -50% discount for baptism clothes and accessories

baptism clothes and accessories discount

You cannot lose this if you are preparing for baptism. Finalize the list of what you need for this event and you can make important savings. We have a lot of extremely beautiful clothes for the little ones, both for girls and boys. Delicately sewn, these clothes will be the stars of the photos in the family albums.

For baptism articles CLICK HERE

- Up to 35% discount on dolls for girls

baby dolls

There is no girl who is not fascinated by dolls. The next doll you buy could become her best confidant and friend. With its help, she can practice being a mother, she can express her emotions, she can play in a different way. He can sleep with her, he can walk her in a stroller, he can take her to the park, on vacations, to her grandparents, to dinner... everywhere. See now what wonderful dolls we have in stock.

- Up to 30% discount on children's shoes

baby shoes

Boots, sandals, boots, shoes? Come and see what beautiful, elegant and comfortable slippers you can find for your child in Annebebe stores. Take advantage of the Final Sale discounts and from the price difference you can buy two pairs or something else nice.

- Up to 10% discount baptism sets

baby baptism sets

Dresses, chests/christening boxes, suits for boys, baptism candles, kits - you can order them from our offer at a lower price until February 15, 2022.

For baptismal sets for girls and boys , click HERE .

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