Autumn is a season with a special beauty, with cool breezes and colorful leaves, the perfect opportunity to dress your little one in the most beautiful seasonal clothes.

With a new collection dedicated especially for the cold season, annebebe brings new and original styles, combining comfort and quality, with unique and special items.


boys sweater

Since the cold season has come, it is important to offer the necessary comfort and warmth to our child. With a varied range of colors and designs, they can be easily combined in different outfits due to the diversity of models and materials such as: cotton, polyamide, acrylic, wool, etc.

girls sweater


pink blouse for girls

Whether we are talking about finer blouses for girls or more stylish ones for boys, they come in different models and with a varied range of prints and models for all tastes. Many of them also come with attached accessories such as elegant bows, collars, tulle, pebbles and many others.

white children's blouse


Knitted hoodies are a perfect choice for little girls who love fashion but also for boys who want to add an extra touch of style to their outfit. The cotton in them offers a delicate and pleasant feeling, is resistant over time and gives a lot of freedom of movement, offering the warmth needed by the child for daily outdoor activities.

boys hoodie


From jeans to sweatpants, Annebebe offers the little one the comfort he needs through a rich range of models and colors, offering the necessary diversity for all tastes.

Flared Denim Pants for Girls

For boys who want to be stylish and who have a strong personality, pants in dynamic shades are the perfect choice, at the same time having comfort due to the elasticity of the material.

Long Pants for Boys, Yellow with Pockets 1635 Miniband

For a casual but also comfortable outfit that protects the little one from the cold outside, the long pants from Minibanda are a unique choice, they have in their composition 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Long Pants for Boys, Green 7455 iDO

For girls, the range is even more varied. Budding young ladies have the opportunity to choose their favorite pair, regardless of the style they want. Flared denim pants are among the most sought-after models due to their style, but also the comfort they offer.

Not only that, if little girls are extra playful and need more freedom during movement, a pair of wide but at the same time elegant pants are an excellent choice. Their black color makes them much more versatile, making it easier to choose a suitable top.

Wide Pants for Girls, Black 7301 Sarabanda

And if the pair above does not satisfy the little princesses, then a pair of tights with sparkles should be to their liking. The unique and shiny design is easy to clean and maintain, as they are composed of 93% cotton and 7% elastane.

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Even though the cold season has come, that doesn't mean we can't adapt to it. Regardless of age, a delicate and tasteful dress attracts attention at first sight. Starting from dresses made of cotton, fabric or velvet to dresses with lace and collars, offers a rich color palette for its new models, covering all styles.

Elegant Dress with Long Sleeves and Ruffles Tulle Lace Beige 5447 MyMio

The knitted dresses ensure the necessary comfort for the whole day, the materials being of the highest quality.

Beige Knitted Long Sleeve Dress with Tulle Ruffle and Bow 7558 iDO

The dresses come in different models and different accessories such as bows and collars, but also unique details in fabrics such as gold threads.

Beige Knitted Dress with Long Sleeves and Hearts 7559 iDO

Although the dresses above are wonderful, let's not forget the ones that have extra elegance. The dresses accessorized with tulle in the bust area, with long sleeves and fine lace bring a special beauty and uniqueness, putting the little princess in the center of attention.


As parents, regardless of the clothing items that our little one wears, we must make sure that they are not cold. Having a cheerful design, the socks from annebebe come in assorted sets, with stripes or with different illustrations, both for girls.

Beige leotard with metallic thread 10568 Mayoral

As for the tights, they ensure the necessary body thermal insulation for the child and the simple design helps us to insert them into any outfit.

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Since we are talking about the new fall-winter collection, jackets and coats become a "must-have." Hooded jackets provide the little one with the necessary protection against the capricious weather. The articles from USPOLO, ASSN dating back to 1890 fulfill their duty successfully adding a touch of style to the outfit.

Pink Fass Jacket with Rabbit Ears Fur Lined Hood for Girls 3134 Cumino

The range for girls is not inferior either. With unique and colorful designs such as sequins and bunny ears attached to the hood, some models are lined on the inside with soft and comfortable fur.

You know what's wonderful when you shop for your wardrobe at Annebebe? That you can buy complete outfits from us, to dress the little one with style, from head to toe. We are here for you if you need help placing your order.