Each accessory that we choose to embellish the child's outfit is important, contributing in this way to shaping an image that will tell you a lot about the little one.

As things are not simple in the accessorizing of an adult's outfit, that of a child becomes all the more rigorous! Key details make the difference.

A dress would be simple to wear. But what are the right tights? What model should the leotard have depending on the outfit? Simple/extravagant designs? Do the shoes have to match the whole outfit?

A lot of questions that finally find their answers in perfect solutions for each individual situation.

If we want the child's outfit to be beautiful, we must not forget how important it is for the little one to feel comfortable. Because the first steps guide the entire path of the child, his foot is constantly developing and requires a type of footwear that does not aggravate the correct and normal growth of the little one. The natural materials will provide elasticity and will mold evenly on the foot, to provide comfort and support for every step you take.

Tights with frills on the bottom


Fishnet stockings

  • White Girl's Mesh Pattern Tights Condor 4570 (Condor simple tights are a special element in every child's wardrobe. A simple, comfortable and versatile model, suitable for special occasions but also for everyday use)
  • Tights With Mesh Model Girl Cream Condor 4570 (Soft, fluffy and warm, Condor baby tights can never be missing from the little one's wardrobe. Tights are a practical choice, not just a suitable accessory, being comfortable, supporting the child's steps)

Tights with frills

Patent shoes

The materials we choose to dress the child with are particularly important.

Cotton is a natural and organic fiber that does not irritate the skin and is friendly to the skin of the little one.

An extremely important benefit of cotton is represented by the ability to absorb sweat, so that it does not cause irritation and allergies.

The fabrics of the cotton materials are durable and can be used for a long time, without any signs of wear.

Regardless of age, lace inspires delicacy, elegance and good taste from all points of view. Discover many beautiful surprises in our offer.