Top 3 white Annebebe dresses for a big event

Every year, there is a significant moment for the life of the community within the Catholic Churches, which takes place during Pentecost.

Every year, on the occasion of this celebration, children who are over seven years old go through a very significant period of their entire Christian life: preparation for Holy First Communion.

White Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt

Holy First Communion - the renewal of promises from the Sacrament of Baptism

The solemn moment is characterized by the fact that they receive for the first time the Blood and Body of Jesus, through the Sacrament of Communion, thus renewing the covenants received since Baptism.

The children follow a path of catechetical preparation for the first Confession and Communion, preparing over the years through religious classes held in the parish. If a child is absent from class, he recovers through individual training, before continuing with the rest of the group. During the catechesis, the little ones are trained on the path of Christianity, learn about the faith, say the fundamental prayers and discover the sacrament of Baptism, Communion and Confession.

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The preparation that children have depends on several aspects. The way in which children relate, their religious knowledge, the speed with which they assimilate information. In cases where the little Christians have been to school and show interest in the respective classes, the training lasts between six and twelve weeks, with a frequency between 2-4 hours per week.

Therefore, receiving this sacrament involves a lot of effort, preparation and dedication on the part of the little Christians, and because this day must be unforgettable, they must feel special, for which reason, we have prepared some suggestions of outfits that could be worn during the religious service, where the offering of Holy Communion takes place.

Cream shirt with long sleeves for boys

What are the clothes to be worn on the day of the Catholic Communion? What should boys wear? What about the girls?

It is customary for the priest to announce how the children should dress on the day in question.

White clothes have a special meaning in the Catholic religious context, they must have the face and likeness of angels, therefore it is suggested that girls wear white dresses with a veil, lace, beads and a crown, and boys opt for a white shirt and trousers white or black.

Like the moment when they received the Sacrament of Baptism, the clothes must preferably be new, but washed, clean, sanitized, ironed and prepared to be worn at the great event. Children must feel comfortable, light and comfortable in the clothes they wear, but also special at the same time.

Why are white dresses and shirts worn? What is the meaning of the white outfit?

white dress

The color white, as it is recommended to be the clothes worn by children on the day of the First Communion, has a strong meaning, namely, the washing of sin, which emphasizes the great purity and innocence of children, in general. It is good to know that clothes made of materials such as silk or satin tend to be a much stronger and more impactful white, and tulle, for example, reduces the power of the color, fading it.

White Organza Flower Embroidery Dress

Recommendations for special dresses that can be worn by girls at the religious service

Considering the greatness of the day, being together with the baptism, one of the most important events in the child's life, we welcome you with the presentation of some dress models that you can choose to be worn by little girls:

White Cotton Embroidery Dress for Girls

White Cotton Embroidery Dress

A simple, white, but impactful dress with cotton embroidery will never go wrong. Both the dress and its details are carefully tailored and will surely make the little Christian shine on the day of the big event.

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Abel & Lula Girls White Chiffon Dress With Ruffles & Drawstring With Salmon Flowers

White Chiffon Dress With Ruffles

We could say that this dress is specially designed for the Holy Day of the First Communion. Made of chiffon with ruffles, the dress has a unique design, highlights the features of a delicate little girl and captures her innocence.

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White Organza Dress With Embroidery Lace & Cord With Flowers At Waist Girls Abel & Lula

White Organza Dress With Lace Embroidery

In such a dress, surely a little girl will not be able to feel anything other than special and flourishing. The white dress has lace embroidery and a cord with floral details at the waist and manages to capture the quality of the materials from which it is made and the delicacy of the design.

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