New collection of clothes for children

AnneBebe customers know that we carefully select our product portfolio to bring a smile to their lips and that of their children. We analyze trends and materials, meticulously select products and brands so that, in the end, we can provide you with the most special pieces of clothing.

boys shirt

The little ones will look sensational when they go to school or kindergarten with their new outfits made of AnneBebe products. And when it comes to comfort, we have no doubt that they will be able to move freely and give free rein to the most beautiful experiences that they can live to the fullest. Here's what awaits you new in the spring-summer 2023 collection .

Clothing news at AnneBebe

As we used to tell you, for the spring-summer season we focused our attention on skin-friendly materials, comfortable cuts for babies and older children, as well as extremely practical items for everyday life.

boy's shirt

This year the emphasis is on plain pieces that fit regardless of the situation and that are easy to style in any combination they are introduced. Of course, we also have special prints and elegant items that can be worn on special occasions, but the focus of the spotlight is on comfort and sustainability.

l Jackets, vests and cardigans for spring-summer

For the little ones between the ages of 0-36 months, we have prepared a lot of baby jackets and vests that will provide them with a delightful outfit on the days when they will go for a walk in the park or go shopping, visit the doctor and on the first holidays with the family. We took into account the requirements of fashion designers and focused our attention on jackets and vests made of denim and fas, thicker and thinner.

children's summer clothes

There are many nice models that you can choose from for both girls and boys, from established brands such as Mayoral, Midimod Gold, IDo or Guess, these being just some of the availability. Denim jackets will give children a bohemian and classic look, but elegant at the same time, while thin or thick waterproof fleece jackets will successfully cope with capricious days when the little ones need more protection against the cold.

You will find in this new collection, including children's jackets and vests for the age range 3 months to 10 years, made of fascinator, tricot, fabric, etc. simple and in bold colors, but also with different interesting prints for those who want to easily highlight their unique personality. Take a look at them and choose the models that fit best for your chicken!

girl's jean jacket

On cool days, it will be great to add one of these cardigans for boys, girls, babies and children with a zipper, classic buttons or jewel type, for the age group 1 month - 7 years, in classic cotton, over a blouse or a t-shirt. sustainable or variants lined with fur.

l Tracksuits and casual sets

The new spring-summer 2023 collection also emphasizes classic outfits that can be worn both indoors and outdoors, in different ways, the following models of tracksuits and 2-3 piece sets being indispensable in their wardrobe.

You can find small and large tracksuits in one place, sets that can be worn from the age of one month up to 9 years. We have non-conformist tracksuits in pleasant shades of blue, pink, green or combinations of colors and non-colors (white, black, gray), which fit perfectly in everyday life.

baby girl dress

You can get a sports tracksuit for girls with a sweatshirt and pants, but we recommend that you don't overlook the super cute models with teddy bears, the zipped tracksuits that are easy for little girls to put on or the 3-piece ones that come with a T-shirt, all from sustainable cotton.

Below are also the models of boys' tracksuits perfect for sports, running in the park or for the days when they will be taken out to play to meet other children, a category in which you will find comfortable tracksuits made of cotton and made up of two or three pieces, with pants and a classic blouse or a simple sweatshirt, or a sweatshirt with a zipper. We have prepared sets for them in shades of blue, green, gray and beige, printed with texts and stripes, as well as with drawings or animated characters (dogs, pigs, giraffes, etc.)

red dress for girls

Small or big, your children will have a unique look in the wonderful casual sets for boys and girls where we have prepared sets of 2 or 3 pieces consisting of overalls and body or t-shirt, sets consisting of t-shirt/top and shorts, sets of blouse and tights or the skirt, for girls.

For the little ones, we have also selected sets with bib and hat, but we also have casual sets for boys 3-12 years old with long pants, shirt and t-shirt, shirt and jeans, as well as short 2-piece tracksuits.

l Overalls and bodysuits

Do you take into account every second you spend with your child? And in the first days of life, but also at 5 or 10 years, there will be special moments that you will experience only once in your life. So it is not at all wrong to look for clothes with which to prepare him as quickly as possible for staying at home or going out.

baby clothes set

For your little one, check out the new category of baby overalls with long or short sleeves, simple or elegant, to which you can add a pair of pants or a skirt, respectively a jacket, and your little one will be ready to go for a walk. We have many models that close with buttons or staples, made of tricot, classic cotton, organic and sustainable cotton.

You will find many simple bodysuits for girls , colorful and cheerful models. Regardless of the choice you will make, we are firmly convinced that they will match easily with other indispensable pieces of their daily outfit, just like when it comes to this bodysuit for boys .

the green vest for the boy

Just for the simple fact that they are too small to choose the outfits they wear, it does not mean that babies and children up to 2-3 years old will not appreciate comfortable and beautiful clothes that will encourage them to discover themselves and to feel better in their own skin.

Why choose AnneBebe clothing?

The AnneBebe mission started from the desire to offer babies and children the best. Here any parent, nose, grandfather, will find absolutely everything he needs to create special moments in which the most important beings in life, the children, shine without limits through their tender smile.

Thus, the new spring-summer collection is focused on fulfilling the most demanding demands from the parents with whom we have contact, from materials that are pleasant to the skin of the little ones, to cuts and prints ready to benefit any silhouette. The AnneBebe portfolio is therefore differentiated by the uniqueness of the items and the attention to detail, but also by a varied and affordable range of prices.

elegant vest boy

Whether you choose to buy the new items online or from the showrooms present in Bucharest, we will make sure that you will have a special experience and that you will be able to give birth to beautiful new beginnings with the help of the new collection of modern clothing for children and babies.