Dear parents, we know that baptism is an emotional ceremony, with a strong impact both in the life of the child and in the life of the parents.

This is an eagerly awaited event, that's why helps you have a kit with the necessary items for the church ceremony, personalized and special. Customizing a christening kit can be a wonderful way to make this event special and unique.

These include embroidered or lace borders to add elegance, embroidery of the name and date of the christening to make it unique, appliqués with religious motifs where the event has religious significance, custom fabrics to create your own patterns and colors, keeping a memory special touches such as a ribbon from the bride's dress, personalizing the kit box with engraving or special decorations and including a personalized message or blessing on one of the kit items.

If the kit will be presented in a special box, you can personalize the box by engraving the child's name and baptism date or by applying special decorations. Choose a stylish and durable box that will protect the kit and become a treasured keepsake for the child's family.

It is important that the customization reflects the tastes and values ​​of the family and adds a touch of uniqueness and beauty to this special event.

baptism kit

What does the baptism kit contain?

A kit must contain:

  • a soap
  • baby towel
  • towel for the priest
  • a bottle for myrrh
  • cloth for the little one to be wrapped in after he is taken out of the baptismal font
  • a baptismal sash.

In addition to these, a blanket, a handkerchief, a box for cutting the hair, or a beautifully decorated box for carrying the kit can be added!

Usually the kit dedicated to boys has the dominant color blue and for girls pink or red. Sometimes it can even be in traditional Romanian shades, embroidered with red, yellow and blue.

Create a special kit!

family at baptism

If you are wondering how you can get a special, personalized kit, read the following lines to make a custom kit together!

Customize your kit with text!

Carol Alb Little Gentleman suit

A pencil case that has a funny or adorable inscription always catches your eye and will be a nice memory for parents.

For example, "Little Gentleman", along with that hat, expresses an elegant and cute air at the same time.

Choose special elements!

Ivory Baby Boy Christening Suit Navy Blue Lace

Some elements that could make a difference in the baby kit, could be bows or lace.

They give a sophisticated air to the kit and emphasize the innocence and delicacy of the little one.

On the bow we can see that "eye", which will protect the little one from the evil eye and other negative energies.

Add the most important details to your little one's kit!

On the kit you can add the name of the little one, the date of birth, a wish for him and symbols specific to the event. It only takes a few elements to make the personalization special and support the emotional charge of the event!

Add a fluffy friend to your kit!

Cream Angel Panty With Ribbons

Add to your little one's kit a funny and fluffy friend who can calm him down during the ceremony, and even become a pleasant memory that the little one will keep for a lifetime, or at least a large part of his life!

This teddy bear has fluffy, soft fur and can't wait to spend time with the little one, being by their side at the ceremony!

Drawing + message!

White Sailor Suit

A memorable kit is one that has a funny and original design, for example with a teddy bear, which is accompanied by a message from the godparents.

In this kit we find a sailor teddy bear, surrounded by two boats.

Under the funny drawing, we notice the greeting "with love from the godparents!", so that the appreciation of the godparents can be expressed through a message and drawing.

Decorate the kit items!

Another way to personalize the kit is to add some items that will decorate the kit nicely and represent the little one!

The sunflower next to the tricolor ribbon makes you think of nationalism and patriotism. Such values ​​are beautiful and can be represented by a pleasant ornament.

Other items you can add to your kit:

A personalized candle should not be missing from the kit to give a special meaning to the baptism, thus providing warmth and a positive intention with the help of a candle that you can customize exactly as you wish!

In addition to this, you can also add, whether the little one is a girl or a boy, a comb or a hairbrush, this can be used both for cutting the strand and after baptism.

In this box you can also add a hanger for the little one's clothes. The hanger can be decorated with pink bows if it's a girl, or blue if it's a boy.

Baptism is an important ceremony, whether you are a parent or a godparent.

At an event like this we know you can't afford to go wrong and you've probably wondered what to do for an original kit.

In short, it is necessary to add significant details for the baptism, for example the date of the baptism, a wish from the godparents, for example "with love from the godparents", "with love from the godparents" or something you wish for the little one, decorations or elements that you consider that he represents the little one.

Whether it 's messages, flowers, bows or a sophisticated lace , these are meant to beautify the kit, and you can also add a small toy for the little one or even elements that will help in the ceremony of cutting the strands such as even a comb!

Why do we recommend customizing the kit?

We recommend personalizing the christening kit with all the love and emotion in the world, as this gesture turns each item into a vivid and meaningful memory.

By adding the child's name and baptism date, the kit becomes a fragment of the little one's personal history, a symbol of his journey in this realm of life. Every stitch, every embroidery is an expression of love and care, a testimony that this unique moment in his life is celebrated and honored with all his heart.

Personalizing the kit is an act of devotion and respect towards the child and his family, a way to immortalize the emotions and joy of the baptism day. Each object, whether it is a delicate handkerchief, a warm blanket or a set of clothes, becomes an integral part of his story, a symbol of the love and blessings he receives from his loved ones.

When we look back at the personalized kit, we remember the emotions and smiles of that magical day, the moments full of tenderness and joy. Every detail, every embroidery, becomes a living memory of the love and support our child receives from family and loved ones.

Therefore, we wholeheartedly recommend the customization of the christening suit, because every detail brings with it a story, an emotion and a touch of the magic of this unforgettable moment.