Being the baptismal nose of a child is a great blessing. With this fact, you assume the role of parent for the baby and form a promise for life, by which you bind yourself to the life of the little one.

The big event, the baptism, is always extremely emotional, and the godparents have in mind the fulfillment of some traditions, such as the choice of gifts, clothes, and trousseau . The wonderful day of baptism is approaching for you too, are you a godmother and do you want to live up to expectations? Well, for you I have prepared some tips on how to choose the cutest and cutest baby clothes.

successful baptism dress


Gifts in tandem with the event

Most of the time, the godparents opt for a chromatic palette in tandem with the room decor. This is discussed with the child's parents. For example, if the little one is a boy, you can choose a suit in shades of blue, cream, green. In the case of a girl, obviously, the most common colors are pink, lilac, sometimes even yellow, gold. And because we are discussing the color palette of the room, the ones listed above are the colors that predominate in the decor.

Which kit to choose?

baptism costume with cap

You can find a variety of models, from the simplest to the most rich and detailed. If you want to opt for minimalism, choose a cream or white suit, highlighted by a beautiful lace or floral pattern.

white and pink christening suit

If you want a much more special, special and original kit, you have options such as those with written messages, the child's name, godparents' or parents' names, various cartoons or own design models. But, one thing is certain, regardless of what you choose, each kit is special in its own way. You have the certainty that you will make a perfect choice anyway.

What clothes to buy for the baby?

elegant christening suit for boys

In the case of clothes, we believe, quality is the most important. For this topic, we want to share some tips on how to choose the most beautiful and good baby clothes:

christening coat for girls

  1. Opt for a quality material. You, being the nose, take care of the entire outfit of the little one for when he will be baptized in the church. The list of clothes is as follows: bodysuit, socks, costume, coat (if it is the cold season), cap/hat. Well, because this body comes in contact with the skin, it should be made of a fine and soft material. Cotton is best. We assure you that you will be an honorable nose if you are careful about the choice of material. Why? The skin of the little one is extremely sensitive, and the parents know this. Once you pay attention to your clothes, you will be noticed!
  2. Choose simple dresses or suits! They are all special, they all have their own magic and story, but it would be good if you opted for the simplest ones, and when we say that, we mean the weight. The child is very small and on a day like the baptism he needs comfort. He feels the tension around him, and some heavy, uncomfortable clothes would be "the final straw". You want the baby to be calm, to have a pleasant sleep. If you choose light clothes, you will be the most attentive and caring nose.
  3. Take into account the season! For the warm season, we recommend white clothes, made of light materials that do not allow the body to sweat, loose dresses, thin suits. In the case of the cold season, a thicker and lighter coat would be indicated to ensure optimal warmth for the skin. And in this case it would be ideal to buy simple and comfortable clothes.

What gifts are good for the baby?

It's time for gifts and the last chapter in the article. Well, dear baby, gift heaven is a big one. What can you buy the little baby? How about a fluffy toy that will become his favorite extra to fall asleep with?

macrame baptism stockings

You can also choose a set of clothes, but be careful, the child grows very quickly. Don't buy too many, you won't have time to wear them all, because they don't stop growing for even a day. If you want something more special and valuable, gold or silver bracelets, earrings and chains are the most sought after. Being our parents, we urge you to love the babies who are now becoming your children and to enjoy a fairytale baptism.