Are you wondering how to dress your child in winter so that he is warm, calm and happy? We recommend the new woolen and knitted winter overalls.

In winter, a good rule to follow is to dress the baby as you dress yourself - and add an extra layer. But, if you are on the move and the baby is in the stroller, it is obvious that he will be colder than you are and he might need an extra layer.

A winter jumpsuit may be all you need for the frosty days of the cold season, but if we are talking about a mild winter, you should check how the baby is dressed under the jumpsuit. If he sweats, he is too hot and then it means that you should give up a layer of clothes. If the little one is active, a winter overall can protect him from snow and wind.

The principle of 3 layers when dressing the baby/child in winter

Even in winter, the weather can be unstable and sudden changes from freezing to slightly higher temperatures. If you dress your baby according to this principle of 3 layers, you can easily adjust the warmth of the little one.

Layer 1 - You can use a soft cotton set, a bodysuit or a cotton shirt with pants.

Layer 2 - If it's cold outside, dress the baby with a knitted sweater or a soft fleece.

Layer 3 - This outer layer should protect against all weather conditions, and a fleece coverall is perfect. Keep in mind that this jumpsuit must be wide enough for the baby, so as not to squeeze it, especially if it has a second layer of clothing.

Winter overalls

Winter overalls are not usually on the shopping list when a baby is born. But, when the temperatures are dropping, you realize that the little one needs a completely soft overall, which will protect him as much as possible from the cold. The overalls are ideal both for small babies and for 1-year-old children who are starting to take their first steps through the snow. Because you will want to prepare your little one for winter, we recommend our winter overalls, with soft fur on the inside.

Ideas for knitted and knitted winter overalls

  1. ECOFRIENDS Pink Microfiber Jumpsuit Mayoral 2677

ECOFRIENDS Pink Microfiber Jumpsuit Mayoral 2677

It is a model made of recycled polyester, a soft and pleasant to the touch material, with long sleeves, a hood with a soft collar and a zipper closure in the front. It has removable gloves and a beautiful print design. The jumpsuit is ideal for the cold season, for girls from 0 to 18 months.

  1. Jumpsuit Plus Pink Corai Babies Us Polo Asnn USB636

Jumpsuit Plus Pink Corai Babies Us Polo Asnn USB636

Ideal for girls from 0 to 9 months, this coral pink jumpsuit is not only beautiful, but also warm. It is soft and has a hooded collar for effective protection. It closes in the front with an oblique zipper, which makes it easier to dress and undress the baby. An original USPA jumpsuit for your pup.

  1. Jumpsuit Girls Grena Us Polo Assn art USB 525

Jumpsuit Girls Grena Us Polo Assn art USB 525

Here is another model of overalls from the USPA brand. This time, the winter overall closes with buttons in a curved line next to the belly, and between the legs there are several staples. The jumpsuit has a hood, is in two shades, with the USPA logo and the USPA horse printed on the chest and belly. A wonderful cold season item for the little one.

  1. Boy's Plus Blue Jumpsuit with Bear Hood Bebetto K2926

Boy's Plus Blue Jumpsuit with Bear Hood Bebetto K2926

This blue jumpsuit is specially made for boys up to 9 months. It has fur on the inside, hood with ears and adjustable elastic on top. It closes with a simple zipper in the front and has a funny but discreet bear paw print on the outside.

  1. White Fas Jumpsuit & Gray Star Print 4.3297.00 iDO

White Fas Jumpsuit & Gray Star Print 4.3297.00 iDO

This model is perfect for both girls and boys because it is white with a sprinkling of stars. The hood is decorated with a white tassel, and the sleeves are closed with gloves for good protection of the hands. Made of a soft and delicate inner material, while the outer layer protects very well against wind, rain and snow.

For woolen and knitted winter overalls, we invite you to discover our offer in detail in the online store or even in our physical stores.

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