Baptism - an unforgettable moment

If you have become a mother or father, you might cry a little at the christening! But not out of sadness, but out of joy! Baptism is the first event in the child's life and for both parents and grandparents, but also for close people, it is full of emotional charge.

Probably, as a parent, it is the first moment when you think how quickly time passes and you realize that you have to enjoy every moment more. You think, maybe, that a few years ago, it didn't even cross your mind that you would become a parent, but you are happy that someone from up there blessed you!

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How to keep the balance between excitement and stress?

It is true that your child's baptism can only be a wonderful moment. However, not everything will be milk and honey. Like any other large-scale event, baptism will require a lot of preparation.

You will have to talk to the priest and find an available date, take care of finding a place for a small party, buy clothes for the little one, and make sure that you and your husband have an exceptional outfit.

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Since there are many things to determine and, perhaps, the time is quite compressed, considering that the baby is still small and needs his share of attention, it is possible that the big event will become stressful. That's why it's good to stay focused, as a parent, on the spiritual significance of this event, and not on the other things that follow.

Take them all in turn, because they will be solved gradually! Don't panic when you don't find what you want right away and enjoy every single thing, no matter how small it is!

Baby clothes. How important is it for the baby to look good?

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Anyone who wants to look good at their events. And, even your child will look with pride at the pictures in which he was beautifully dressed at the baptism, although, at that time, he didn't know how to tell you how he wanted to be dressed!

Clothing is very important, at any age. It matters even when you are only a few months old! However, you must make sure that it is also very comfortable for him or her.

Clothes will have to be chosen carefully. In the sense that, it will be necessary for them to be beautiful, so that the pictures from the christening turn out great. It will be necessary for them to be comfortable and soft to the touch, because the baby's skin is still very sensitive.

The new collection of Annebebe clothes

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If you want your baby to look like a prince or a princess, Annebebe is what you are looking for. In their clothes collection, you will find a lot of dresses or suits made of quality materials, cut with attention and care, in such a way as to reconcile both the necessary requirements when it comes to baby clothes: quality, but also special elegance.

Clothes for boys. What's in vogue this summer?

As a mother, sometimes you will feel the need to protect your baby more than it should be. And, in many situations, you may find that you have dressed it much too thickly for the weather outside.

However, you must remember one thing. It is much more possible for the baby to catch a cold if he sweats in clothes that are too thick, than for him to catch a cold in clothes suitable for the weather outside, which allow his skin to breathe.

So, if your boy's christening takes place in the summer, opt for a summer suit. One where the child can feel comfortable and can also enjoy the warmth outside. Don't panic, but summer suits can be just as elegant!


Even if you will find boys' suits with short pants, instead of long ones, they remain just as stylish and suitable for the event, and you can convince yourself of this by looking at one of these models.

The christening suits for boys from the summer collection are made up of clothes suitable for the season. Most of them consist of short pants and short-sleeved shirts, so that the baby is not too hot.

nice summer suit for boys

Also, most of the pieces have a light color, so as not to attract heat. Because it is very possible that during the baptism the baby will be kept in the sun, although you will always try to avoid it, and we advise you to opt for light colors.

Here is a baptism costume that we consider appropriate.

Clothes for girls. What's in vogue this summer?

summer christening kit for girls

As in the case of boys, for girls, dresses suitable for the season must be chosen. It is ideal not to dress the baby with several layers of clothes and even to give up tights, in the case of girls, if it is too hot outside.

Whether it's a girl or a boy, opt for slightly thinner clothes in the summer and, rather, take a set of spare, thicker clothes with you, in case the weather suddenly changes.

In the case of little girls, the summer baptism dresses look gorgeous even if they have short sleeves. Also, they remain elegant even if they are made of thinner materials.

An example of such a dress, which also has a baptismal candle included, will convince you that we are not lying: here.

As in the case of boys, we recommend you to choose light colors, maybe even white or light cream. In the case of little girls, white and cream are the most fashionable, and they are also extremely suitable because they absorb much less sunlight than any other colors.

If you want to see a set like this, which also has a white dress, here is one suitable for you: - dress-suit-candle-customizable-christening-girls-annebebe# .

These are the most important aspects when it comes to a baptism held during the summer. Remember! Style and comfort can be perfectly combined, so don't doubt for a second that you won't find clothes that meet both requirements!

complete set of girls' summer set

Both convenience and style can be good "friends". And Annebebe managed to make both of them understand each other perfectly, in the new outfits created for the warm season! Come in and see what's new in baptism clothes! You certainly won't regret it!

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