Santa Claus is at AnneBebe with many gift ideas for the little ones

The countdown to Christmas has started and you still don't know what gift to surprise your little one with? Then it means that you didn't find out about the AnneBebe winter discounts!

Crowded queues in supermarkets influence more and more parents to choose online shopping when it comes to Christmas gifts for their children. For this very reason, we have prepared a series of clothing items at prices that you cannot miss . And if you are still a fan of authentic shopping in classic stores, don't forget that you can find us in the stores in Unirea, Sun Platza and Baneasa. The complete addresses are HERE .

This year, the "old man with a white beard" will definitely be able to meet the expectations of all the children on the magical holiday night, and that's only thanks to Anne Bebe's offers.

little girl's Christmas dress

Let the Shopping begin with... Clothes for special photo sessions

Every parent wants to have as authentic memories as possible from the first holidays spent with their baby. That's why many turn to professional photo sessions, through which they can capture the fragility and innocence of the little one in a fairy-tale setting, thus remaining with entire albums, full of extraordinary images, which in years to come will arouse real emotions.

For such events, the child's outfit must necessarily match the idea of ​​the shooting. Thus, adults spend whole days looking for the most affordable versions of holiday dresses and costumes, which they can give as gifts to babies on the big day.

Because we know how important it is to keep "souvenirs" from each period with your little one, we have prepared a wide range of discounts on clothes for photo shoots : elegant, colorful outfits made of the best quality materials.

Santa Claus costume photo session

The very special design of the holiday dresses will definitely add an extra touch to family photos and turn your daughter into the star of the shoot! Even the little knights will not be inferior with these delicate and so beautifully crafted costumes.

Children's clothes 0 - 36 months - Choose now a lot of practical clothes at Christmas prices

The first holidays with your child...a dream come true! When a new member appears in your family, Christmas will never be the same. If you are among those who have just become parents, you have surely noticed how the snow seems to shine brighter, the carolers' voices are more crystalline, and the wait for Santa Claus seems longer than ever. Everything since your baby crossed the threshold of the house for the first time.

children's clothes at a discount

The hardest challenge is to offer the little one some first days of holidays full of warmth, from which smiles, good mood and gifts will be indispensable!

For this, on our website and in our stores in Bucharest, we have prepared a whole category with special clothes for children between 0 and 36 months , clothes now at the best price.

As I told you, diversity is indispensable! On our website you will find available Santa costumes, socks with colorful patterns, hoodies with the most attractive prints, vests and much more. Enter the category and you can see them all.

Clothes for children aged between 3 and 12 years. Christmas is not the same every year!

The years pass quickly, and babies transform in the blink of an eye into kindergarten students, first graders, and then teenagers. Regardless of age, family holidays will never change.

children's clothing set, pants and blouse

Enthusiasm for decorating the tree, preparing the Christmas table and humming popular carols with the little one will always evoke the same overwhelming emotions, smiles and tears of joy.

This year it's your turn to be Santa's helper again, preparing a bag full of surprises for each of your family members.

When it comes to the little one, we jump to your help! Our team, together with some elves who arrived directly from the North Pole, worked intensively to give you the chance to discover countless clothing gifts reduced by up to 65% , special for all children between the ages of 3 and 12.

What girl wouldn't be happy to receive a dress with colored frills on Christmas Eve, and whose boy wouldn't be delighted to find a blouse with his favorite cartoon characters under the tree on Christmas morning?

Christening clothes and accessories - on Christmas discount too

There are cases in which the parents choose to organize the baptism of the little one just before the winter holidays, so this period has a double meaning.

discount boys christening costume

We know that for such an important event preparations must be made long in advance, and precisely for this reason, we have organized a category on our website full of discounted products, special for one of the most important days of your life.

Among them are also special colored candles, kits and christening chests. Buy Anne Bebe christening products and enjoy with all your loved ones this celebration so much awaited by your whole family.

Browse our special Christmas offers and be an inspired Santa Claus when it comes to gifts for your little ones.