The Baptism Ceremony, an event full of meaning and emotion for the new parents. As you already know, such a special moment in the life of a family needs to be organized with great care, precisely so that every moment is unforgettable.

Discover what are the latest trends that will transform the entire event into a unique experience for all those who take part both in the Sacrament of Baptism and in the party organized for the little one!


The traditional kit, indispensable for this special event

The kit is a carefully chosen collection for the baby, and each element found inside it has a special meaning for the newborn. According to popular Romanian traditions, the nasa is the one who deals with the purchase of the trousseau.

This will take over the role of spiritual parent and will be closely concerned with choosing a kit from which no object that could be needed at the church is missing. In recent years, traditional personalized kits have been in great demand, because they represent a symbol of the old Christian customs of our country.

Traditional Popular Christening Girls Personalized AnneBebe

Among the elements that are in such a kit are the cloth, the towel for the baby, the bottle for the bridegroom, the baptismal veil for the bridegroom, the priest's towel and a soap with glycerin. It is interesting that on certain objects there are bows printed with the three shades specific to the tricolor, an aspect that adds more significance to the trousseau.


Personalized accessories, a real delight for parents

What could be nicer than giving the parents a personalized kit with the name or date of birth of the little one? Well, if you are going to baptize a child, then you should direct your attention to a kit that contains personalized objects, because they are truly remarkable.

Ivory Baby Boy's Christening Suit Navy Blue Lace Customized

The whole event has a great emotional charge, and every detail makes the difference when it comes to such a unique moment in life. It is interesting that now you have the possibility to determine the color of the accessories right from the start, but not only that. You can choose to engrave only part of the elements found in the kit, depending on your preferences.

Most of the time, the accessories in the kit are kept as a memory by the parents, and if they are personalized, they gain more significance for them.


Choose an interesting theme for this memorable ceremony

Thematic parties are more and more appreciated in contemporary society. Choosing a theme is a very important topic, which should be dealt with by the parents and godparents of the little one. Organizing a thematic baptism will bring more originality to the celebration of this unique moment. The chosen theme can be inspired by nature, the characters from the Disney universe or it can reflect the family's passions (travel, music, art).

Did you know that there are kits that fit perfectly with the theme you have chosen?

For example, if you want a christening inspired by the authentic beauty of nature, then you can turn your attention to a customized cream lace tutu .

Jasmina Crem Lace Butterfly Personalized Christening Truss

This set consists of a christening dress, candle and matching kit, being an inspired option from a chromatic point of view. Pastel shades are always an excellent choice for girls, because they highlight their beauty and tenderness.


Opt for short candles for baptism

Candles are essential elements of the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. Currently, more and more couples are turning their attention to short christening candles, with a minimalist but effective design. These are not only much more practical and easy to handle during the ceremony, but also denote refinement and good taste.

Candle models loaded with many decorative elements are no longer relevant in modern society, where people tend to value simplicity. Are you going to baptize a little girl and are you looking for a suitable candle for the happy event? Then you can turn your gaze to a model provided with a print as interesting as possible, such as the candle with a print of baby girl ballerinas .

Candle Livia Imprimeu Ballerinas Baptism Girls AnneBebe

The purchase of two outfits for baptism, an excellent idea

The baptism of the little one is marked by two special moments, the ceremony at the church and the party afterwards. Among the trends of 2023 is the purchase of two different outfits for Baptism, precisely so that the baby has the right outfits for each individual context. For example, if at church the girl can be dressed in a Sofia Ivory dress with a traditional theme , at the party she will be able to wear a much more elegant outfit, such as the Andreea cream taffeta dress , a simply delightful model.

Sofia Ivory Dress With Traditional Annebebe Theme

What is good to know is the fact that you should also put the comfort of the little one in the foreground and choose pieces made of delicate materials, suitable for the sensitive skin of the newborn. Also, it would be ideal to opt for a color palette suitable for the atmosphere of the church.

Whether you turn your attention to the pieces in ivory, light cream, beige, powder pink or bluemarine tones, you will notice that these shades also highlight the purity and delicacy of the little one, an aspect that can only delight you, isn't it so? Christenings are events where the babies are in the center of attention, that's why the outfits you choose are particularly important.

What's more, a lot of photos are taken that day, so choosing two different outfits turns out to be a wonderful idea.


Therefore, if you put your creativity to the test and pay attention to the details, organizing the baptism will be an unforgettable stage of your life. From traditional to themed kits, current trends reflect the desire of families to integrate customs in a contemporary context.

By adopting them, the parents manage to celebrate the birth of the child in a very special way.