The christening theme is a very nice idea, both for parents and guests. In general, there are no restrictions regarding the topic, but it is recommended to choose only one, not more, in order to understand exactly the chosen idea.

For both boys and girls, there can be various central ideas around baptism, a special theme that will be reflected in the clothes of the baptized person, the baptism candle, the suit, the decoration at the party and maybe even the clothes of the parents, of the parents.

1. Unicorn baptism theme

Unicorns represent the characteristic cuteness of girls. That's why the unicorn is the ideal theme for a girl's baptism. The unicorn comes in a wide variety of elements - tableware, garlands, figurines and other decorations. You can also add white cake, for example, but with a unicorn head. The candle will be personalized with unicorns. As well as the whole christening kit and little princess dress.

2. Minnie baptism theme

Disney cartoons have not only marked the past generations, but also the current ones. All children prefer certain cartoon characters, and Minnie Mouse is one of the favorite characters of many dwarfs. From Minnie's ears, to cake decorations, this theme can be in shades of pink or red, obviously, after the face of the famous cartoon character. The girl's dress will be in shades of white and red. Look what a beautiful kit I have prepared for this theme.

3. The Little Prince baptism theme

The Mucul Print theme is extremely elegant, offering a special touch to the baptism party. Choose to dress the boy in a real prince, with a tailored suit . In addition, you can also ask the guests to wear an item of clothing that refers to the chosen theme. The kit can also be with the same royal theme.

4. Flower baptism theme

This is among the easiest themes, as it offers a diversity of colors, regarding clothing, arrangements, decoration, accessories. Obviously, you can choose many natural flowers for the baptism, in different shades, but the candle, the chest, the kit can also be customized with this theme.

5. The theme of the baptism of angels

It is among the most adopted themes due to the style that expresses purity, innocence, exactly the things that characterize the baptized newborn. Teddy bears can also have angel wings. Crowns with white fluff can be used for the theme of angels. The suitcase box , the candle and the clothes can be with angels.

6. Traditional baptism theme

This is where the famous folk costume comes in, well-known not only by Romanians, but also internationally. You can dress both the girls with a themed dress and the boys in costumes with traditional motifs. Here you can find candles decorated with traditional motifs, traditional chests, etc.

7. Zane baptism theme

The theme with fairies is chosen for little girls, and as clothing items, you can choose wands, wigs, trousseau. The candle with fairies is among the favorites of mothers.

8. Albinuta baptism theme

We know that bees can hurt us because they sting, but in a baptism with this theme, we will just have fun with them! Thus, during the party there will be 2 predominant colors - yellow and black. We think that the bee candle is absolutely wonderful!

9. Swan baptism theme

The swan theme is highly desired by parents and grandparents for the baby's christening party. We offer you the kit box with the swan , but also the candle . Otherwise, you can complete with suitable clothes, accessories and decorations for the christening party.

How do we choose the theme?

For the most part, the gender of the baby is taken into account first, and then what things or characters from the cartoons the parents like. Minnie, angels and the little prince are among the most sought after and chosen themes, as they are characters loved by everyone. Choose by consulting both your partner and your godparents. It is possible to receive extremely useful and beautiful recommendations.

The themes are more and more adopted at baptism, regardless of whether we are talking about a girl or a boy. The options are diverse, so that you can make a good decision, which will bring smiles to the faces of the guests and why not, even to the face of the baby, if he is at an age where he can easily distinguish colors.