What can be written on the baptism kit?

- The name of the baptized child
- Date of baptism/event
- A nice thought for the baby from the noses.

We offer with much love, baptism items for girls, personalized baptism kits, kit boxes, first strand box, personalized baptism set, baptism candles, baptism kit, etc.

personalized baptism product

Message recommendations for baptism kits

Here are some ideas you can choose from:

- With love from Nasi!
- From today I am a Christian!
- I was baptized today!
- With love, nanuti!
- Beautiful life!
- With love. Noses!
- Smooth road in life!
- With love, Nasica!
- Your nose loves you!
- With love. Your noses.
- From now on I am baptized.
- I am a baptized Christian.
- I kiss your nose!
- We love you, angel!

personalized annebebe kit

At AnneBebe, you can find everything you need to christen a baby (christening clothes, christening kits for girls and boys , christening candles, christening blankets, christening accessories, christening clothes for boys, candles for boys and girls) and... something more. This possibility of personalization, for a pleasant and long memory. We embroider with love for the special christening events of the little ones. For christening sets with dress or costume, candle and/or kit and/or chest, we can customize several pieces, according to requirements.

And that's not all - we can customize the linens and duvets, pillows and bed frames created in our workshops, as well as Annebebe babynests.