It is no longer a secret that godparents are very important for a baptism. Both for the family and the child, but also for the actual preparations. The godparents always want to be in step with fashion, to pamper their little Christian and offer him the best. For this reason, they look for both the best products and the most popular ones. But what awaits us in 2023 in terms of baptisms? Surely the godparents are the first to want to know.

The year 2023 has already come into its own with new trends and will surprise even the little ones! It seems that this year baptisms will be easier to organize and, in addition, if you follow the advice, you will have a very special baptism. Are you going to be a godfather, and this excites you, but at the same time, it represents a responsibility for you and you want everything to be perfect? We assure you that you have nothing to worry about, because you will still find out the most useful tips.

Godparents - main characters at the baptism, along with the christened child

story baptism

For a baptism, the godparents are the ones who buy for the little one the complete kit, the baptism candle and a gift for the baby. The kit, candle and christening clothes will be needed even during the christening service, so the couple must make sure they haven't forgotten anything essential.

Although a baptism involves certain expenses for the spiritual parents, the godparents do not have to worry from a financial point of view because they have at their disposal a variety of extremely high-quality and very affordable things. What the godparents should keep in mind is that the clothes for the little one, as well as the things with which he comes into contact, should be of quality. A baby's skin is very sensitive and cannot be neglected. In short, we all know that godparents want the best for their little prince or princess. Thus, we have made several baptism sets available in our online store .

traditional dress for baptism

What does such a set contain? A set consisting of a costume/clothes for a little girl, a trousseau and a candle, is ideal for those parents who don't want to waste time in stores, who want to maintain the same style in the choice of colors and materials. More precisely, such a set has a specific theme.

What trend will emerge in 2023? The one related to traditionalism is an example. Thus, godparents can opt for a tricolor candle, a kit with traditional elements, simply dressed in white material. Of course, they have the opportunity to choose from a wide list of sets and themes, both for girls and boys.

Other themes that will be fashionable in 2023 for baptism are: the unicorn, the butterfly, the angel, the little sailor, the little knight, the princess, the little prince and others.

bottle of myrrh baptism

What are the trends in baptisms this year?

In 2023, a baptism remains traditional when it comes to what is needed for the ceremony. Thus, godparents should not forget the kit, consisting of a bottle of myrrh, a scarf, and a cloth. Of course, the beautiful baptism candle is also indispensable .

However, what trend intervenes in choosing these special things for the little one? Emphasis is placed on simplicity, elegance, minimalism, a unified theme and quality. We do not forget about the traditional, many parents and parents wanting the tricolor not to be missing. Thus, you can opt for: candle decorated with spikes and popular motifs, princess, angel, butterfly, Little Prince, Little Sailor costumes.

baptismal candle

As for the actual organization of the event, going a little beyond the responsibilities of the priests, due to the cessation of the pandemic, baptisms will be able to be organized as larger parties. In addition, this year there will be more outdoor parties. In such a situation, godparents should not be indifferent. It is necessary to take into account the weather, the season to choose the most suitable suit or dress for the baby.

What costumes can be chosen?

Baptism shopping should not be left to the last hundred meters, especially if you are thinking of a personalized kit that is printed with a special message to order. This can last up to 7 days and it is good not to let yourself be overwhelmed by stress a few days before the big event.

However, which costume will make waves in 2023? Even if minimalism dominates and asserts itself strongly, a trend is linked to brightly colored costumes or with a specific pattern, such as checks. It all depends on taste. Some noses give up pale, neutral colors to the detriment of strong shades (red, blue, purple, garnet, etc.), and other pairs prefer a classic pale pink or blue.

baby girl baptism outfit

A small gift for the baby and the personalized kit  

Are you going to be spiritual parents and don't really have any gift ideas? On our website you will find a lot of proposals that you can consider. Consult the most suitable clothes and kits for boys and girls and gifts for baby girls and boys.

A very strong trend in 2023 will be the personalization of the baptism kit. Parents understand more and more how exciting it is to print the objects of the kit with a special message. Some ideas for messages can be: With love from the parents!, May you grow up big and healthy!, I love you parents. Of course, personalization can be done with the date of the event and the name of the baptized child.

baptism outfit for boys


Prepare for a special 2023 in terms of baptisms and fully enjoy the most beautiful event of the year, especially if you will be the main characters with the child who will be baptized. You will be the godfather, and this means a lot. Browse ideas for kits, clothes, and gifts on our website and get ready for an event that promises to be memorable.